Is Ogilvie Transportation Center Safe?

The Ogilvie Transportation Center was evacuated March 7, 2022, after reports of a suspicous package. Authorities safely cleared the Ogilvie Transportation Center on the Near West Side Monday evening after a suspicious package was discovered near the tracks.

What does Chicago OTC stand for?

Chicago OTC means the Ogilvie Transportation Center, the commuter rail terminal in downtown Chicago, Illinois, sometimes referred to as North Western or Madison Street Station. It occupies the lower floors of 500 West Madison Street and is the terminus for the three Union Pacific Metra commuter rail lines.

Is Chicago OTC safe?

What is OTC? But in general, yes it is safe. Thousands of people walk that every day. Cloud Gate to Field Museum is about 2 mile walk but it is a pretty walk along Michigan Avenue with clear signage to the museum campus.

When was Ogilvie Transportation Center built?

Ogilvie Transportation Center

Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation Center
Opened 1911-1912
Rebuilt 1984-1987
Owned by METRA

What is the train station called in Chicago?

Chicago Union Station
Chicago, Illinois Best known for its majestic Great Hall, often bathed in soft light, Chicago Union Station is the hub for mid-western corridor services and national network trains serving the west.

Is the area around Union Station Chicago Safe?

The area around Union Station Chicago is safe but sparsely populated around midnight. The commuter trains run late so there will be people in and around the station. A lot of theatre goers catch the last train out.

Is Chicago safe to visit right now?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM Chicago is generally safe for tourists, though some neighborhoods are best avoided. Avoid sketchy neighborhoods known for gang and similar criminal activities and take normal precaution measures.

What to do at Ogilvie Union Station?

As a regular at the Union Station, the first time I set foot at Ogilvie I was amazed at the stores that were available along with the size and the abundance of restaurants to choose from at their food court! Besides from getting from point A to point B, you can kill a couple of birds with one stone here and get some shopping done.

Where can I find souvenirs at Grand Central Station?

The main location is at the south end of the Mezzanine level, with additional locations on the north end of the Mezzanine level and one on the Concourse level. Snacks, books, magazines, gifts and souvenirs—for all your travel needs. Mezzanine. A second location is in the Union Station Annex.

How do you stay safe at Chicago train stations?

My favorite train station in Chicago. Offers shopping, food court and plenty of places to sit while waiting for the train. Cross the train yard for easy access to the French Market as well. Always lean and safe. Law enforcement can be seen patrolling on foot. Bah!