Is Phiten cheaper in Japan?

You’re always going to get the best legitimate price when you buy directly from the country the company is from, because it costs money to move products around the world. That’s why the same Phiten products are more expensive in Singapore than Japan. In Phiten’s case, it’s best to use a Japanese seller like Wonect.

Does Phiten bracelet really work?

While many sports stars believe the necklaces give them luck, not everyone is convinced. Many doctors and scientists say there is no scientific evidence supporting Phiten’s theory. “There’s no science and physiology,” said Dr.

Who owns Phiten?

Yoshihiro Hirata
The “Phi” Φ is used as a symbol to represent the golden ratio in the natural world while “Ten” (10) used as an exponentiation base signifies the infinite possibilities at both the micro and macro level….Phiten.

Founded 4 October 1983
Founder Yoshihiro Hirata, President and Representative Director

Is Phiten safe?

Q: Is PHITEN safe for children or pregnant women? A: We’re not aware of PHITEN products having harmful effects on children or pregnant women. We do recommend keeping certain PHITEN products with small parts away from children as it may be a choking hazard. PHITEN is a health and wellness product designed for consumers.

What is Aqua titanium?

AQUA TITAN is microscopic titanium particles dispersed in water, achieved through Phiten’s processing technology. This material realizes titanium particles embedded into every strand of fabric, while maintaining the comfortable texture.

What is phiten Metax technology?

PHITEN TECHNOLOGY METAX is the material that disperses various nanoscopic metal particles in water by using Phiten’s water-soluble metal technology. METAX can be infused in both cloth and silicone materials. METAX is the Phiten’s Highest Technology. And it is equivalent to Aqua Titanium X100 technology.

How long can Phiten last?

approximately 12 hours
The tape could stay on your body for several days, subject to skin condition and hygienic condition. The lotion will last for approximately 12 hours, subject to perspiration and other factors. A hard workout, for example, may cause the lotion to be washed out more quickly from the skin.

What does Phiten bracelet do?

Stabilizing Disturbed “Bioelectric Current” Phiten Titanium products stabilize the ‘disturbed’ bio-electric current and thereby improving our body’s physical functions and conditions (i.e. Natural healing power).

What is Phiten made of?

Composed of 100% pure titanium and coated with a carbonized titanium finish, our chain necklace is one of the most popular ones we’ve sold. Phiten fans say they love the lightweight feeling and the classic chain design that looks good with any style and Corrosion Resistant!

What is the necklace Yuzuru Hanyu wears?

Another necklace Yuzu is seen wearing that’s the most obvious is his diamond pendent ($320USD++). It is very expensive and each specific material and words engraved in it have meaning: ★ Granite: Gives a sense of security, brings you courage and ability. Will give a good wave for people said.

Can I wash Phiten necklace?

YES! As the titanium particles are embedded into the fabric, they remain part of the fabric, just like a color dye. Repeated washing will, however, causes the product to faster wear and tear.

How do you use Phiten?

Put two in the middle of the wrinkles on the back of the knee. Be careful of skin rash after using on the skin of the back of the knees because the skin is thin (sensitive). POINT: In addition, it can be put anywhere, such as legs and arms! Please try it to the part that you want to care about.

What is the Phiten product range?

This product range is composed of the Hyperbaric Air Therapy, Hybrid Water Charger, Hybrid Air Charger, and the Solarch Foot Massager. Phiten has created a range of body support products, specially studied and tailored for the human body.

Why choose Phiten’s Titanium tape?

Among the wide variety of products available, Phiten’s titanium tape has long been the favorite of a broad spectrum of customers, from top class athletes to housewives.

What is Phiten aquatitan?

Phiten’s range of functional clothing contains AquaTitan from its AquaMetal Technology permeated into each and every strand of fabric. Our apparel provides the comfort and relaxation needed by the body to achieve optimum performance whether in physical or daily activities.

What is Phiten body care?

By fusing together equipment, AQUA METAL technology and body care know-how based on Phiten’s long-years accomplishment and experience, Phiten offers new body care method for “home care and self-care” that eases reliance on medical specialists or care facilities.