Is Pomeranz a Filipino?

American singer-songwriter David Pomeranz has been in the Philippines—both for vacation and work—so many times that he has lost count. “Maybe more than 20 times,” he said, laughing. Though he has done numerous concerts here in the past, his first visit remains the most memorable for him.

Why is Sharon Cuneta called mega star?

The moniker “Megastar” was also given to her by the press during that year because of her continuous success in the box office. Cuneta was also awarded Best Actress by FAMAS for her performance in the 1984 film Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin and by the Film Academy of the Philippines for Sa Hirap at Ginhawa].

Is Sharon Cuneta a singer?

This is the discography of Sharon Cuneta, a Filipino actress, singer and TV host. She is regarded as one of the best-selling artist and biggest names in Philippine entertainment. Her album, Isn’t It Romantic?, became the second album in Philippine history to be awarded with a Diamond record certification (250,000).

How old is David Pomeranz?

71 years (February 9, 1951)David Pomeranz / Age

What genre is David Pomeranz?

PopDavid Pomeranz / Genre

How is Sharon Cuneta related to Helen Gamboa?

She is also the sister of Elaine Gamboa (mother of Sharon Cuneta). Gamboa is married to Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III an actor, comedian, TV host and politician.

How old is Dina Bonnevie now?

60 years (January 27, 1962)Dina Bonnevie / Age

Is Faith Cuneta related to Sharon Cuneta?

Faith is Sharon’s niece. Her father Alvaro is Sharon’s first cousin, while her grandfather and Sharon’s father, the late Pasay Mayor Pablo Cuneta, are brothers.

How old is Sharon Cuneta?

56 years (January 6, 1966)Sharon Cuneta / Age

David Pomeranz (born February 9, 1951) is an American singer, composer, lyricist, and writer for musical theatre. He is also an ambassador for Operation Smile .

How many platinum albums has David Pomeranz sold?

Described by Billboard Magazine as ” …one of our finer voices “, David Pomeranz’s recording and songwriting projects have earned him a total of 22 platinum and 18 gold albums – selling over 40 million records internationally.

Where can I find the Little Giant by John Pomeranz?

“THE LITTLE GIANT ” is available on New Haven/Sony Records. Of his concert performances, critic Philip Elwood of The San Francisco Examiner said it best: “It is difficult to open up one’s creative heart and soul before an audience and to project the honesty and emotional sensitivity that Pomeranz possesses.”