Is Pyramid a good bowling ball?

The Pyramid Blueprint tops our chart so far in terms of value. The Pyramid balls are very inexpensive as’s house brand. The balls performance compared to it’s price is simply fantastic. The Blueprint Project 1.618 uses the SG 19.5 Symmetric weight block along with a solid GPS Navigational coverstock.

Who makes a pyramid path bowling ball?

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Sport Type Bowling
Color 1-Pink/Blue/Teal
Material Polyester
Brand Pyramid
Item Weight 9 Pounds

What is a reactive bowling ball?

Definition. A reactive bowling ball has a urethane coverstock with particles of resin mixed in. Previously, bowling ball manufacturers had only made balls with a solid compound of urethane. The sticky resin gave the ball a tackiness that increased the grip the ball has on the lane.

What bowling balls are made in the USA?

Made in the U.S.A. MOTIV® brand bowling balls are proudly made in the United States of America. In fact, we have been manufacturing high performance bowling ball products at our factory in Muskegon, Michigan for over 25 years.

Can you use Windex on a bowling ball?

According to most bowlers who have used Windex as a bowling ball cleaner, it does wonders getting dirt and grime off the bowling ball.

Why do bowlers have two balls?

There’s a particular reason that bowlers carry more than one ball. Most bowlers roll their first shot with a hook, and a spare ball is used for a more precise second throw that won’t hook away from the pin(s) that remain.

Is urethane or reactive better?

Both Urethane and Reactive Resin bowling balls are effective in their features. Urethane Bowling Balls are better in control and have higher predictability, whereas Reactive Resin Balls are amazing in higher performance.

Who makes MOTIV bowling?

Wilbur Products Inc.
MOTIV bowling balls manufactured by Wilbur Products Inc. in Muskegon Heights. The company is a longtime producer of bowling products for pro shops and is making the bowling balls through its Tech-Line Products, a Spring Lake Township manufacturer.