Is Renault Twingo a reliable car?

Renault Twingo reliability The Twingo came 67th out of 150 cars in our 2016 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, with a decent 47th place finish for reliability. Owners also praise its running costs, although seat comfort came in for some criticism.

What engine is in a Renault Twingo?

Twingo buyers have a choice of three-cylinder petrol engines: a 1.0-litre with 69bhp which claims 0-62mph in 14.5 seconds and an 89bhp turbocharged 0.9-litre that promises a time of 10.8 seconds. The more powerful 99bhp version of the same engine only appears in the Twingo GT, which is no longer available new.

Is there an automatic Renault Twingo?

Twingo and the EDC automatic gearbox: a perfect combination for city driving. Revealed ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, New Renault Twingo is available for the first time with the EDC automatic gearbox.

When did Renault stop making the Twingo?

The compact car, which was also known as the “Le Car” in the US before it was discontinued in 1996, made an electrifying comeback as part of the French automaker’s green offensive. But the Renault 5’s return comes with a piece of sad news.

What does Twingo mean in French?

The name Twingo is a portmanteau of the words twist, swing and tango.

Is Renault Twingo rear engine?

The Renault Twingo has a sporty rear-engined layout, but it’s a bit of a disappointment. Whether you think that the Renault Twingo is quirky, cute or charismatic, there’s no doubt it’s an interesting addition to the booming city car sector.

How fast is a Renault Twingo?

Renault Twingo petrol engines Models with the less powerful engine are capable of 0-62mph in 14.5 seconds and a top speed of 94mph, whereas the 89bhp 0.9-litre engine gets the car from 0-62mph in a much more sprightly 10.8 seconds, going on to a maximum of 103mph.

How does EDC gearbox work?

Renault’s new EDC gearbox is a genuine automatic transmission. It dispenses with the need for a clutch pedal, while gearshift control is of the“’P-R-N-D” type, plus an “up/down” shift mode. The ideal gear is selected by an electronic control unit and gearshifts are both automatic and comfortable.

Why is Twingo not sold in UK?

Renault will axe the Twingo city car from its UK line-up, citing a desire to simplify its model range. A facelifted Twingo will go on sale in the next few months, but Renault has confirmed that a right-hand-drive version for the UK won’t be introduced.

Where is Renault Twingo made?

Novo Mesto, Slovenia
It was co-developed with Daimler’s third generation Smart Fortwo and second generation Smart Forfour. The third generation Twingo and second generation Forfour are manufactured at the same factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

How many doors does a Renault Twingo have?

The Twingo is a tiny five-door hatchback with a Tardis-like interior for five people.

Is Renault Twingo petrol or diesel?

Renault offers a single engine in the Twingo: a 1.2-litre petrol four-cylinder. This delivers 74bhp through a five-speed manual gearbox and is well-suited to being used around town.