Is Saints Row 3 in Stillwater?

Overview. Stilwater is a fictional city that serves as the gameplay area in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row Undercover, and Saints Row: Total Control. Both Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV feature missions which nominally take place in Stilwater, but which do not resemble Stilwater.

What is Stillwater Saints Row based on?

Stilwater. The setting of both Saints Row and Saints Row 2 is the fictional city of Stilwater, located in the midwestern state of Michigan, United States. Stilwater is primarily based on the real-world American city Detroit.

Which city is Stillwater based on?

In Stillwater, college student Allison (Abigail Breslin) has been imprisoned for a violent crime in Marseille, France—not Perugia, Italy—for five years and counting.

What city is steelport based on?

Steelport is loosely based on New York City, Pittsburgh and Bridgeport, Connecticut. Shaundi has been to Steelport before on spring break prior to the events of Saints Row: The Third, where it was later revealed that Zimos had met her during her trip.

Is Saints Row 4 a sequel?

Saints Row IV is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is the sequel to 2011’s Saints Row: The Third and the fourth installment in the Saints Row series.

Is Saints Row better than GTA?

With its definitive tone and game mechanics, Saints Row has not only found its own image but has even surpassed Grand Theft Auto in certain aspects. While players love both of these games for what they are and what they’ve become, it’s interesting to see just similar and different they are at the same time.

Is Stillwater 2021 based on a true story?

Yes, ‘Stillwater’ Was Inspired By A True Story—But Not In The Way You’d Expect. Warning, Stillwater spoilers ahead. 2021 has seen its fair share of true stories turned into major film and television productions. Think crime-drama The Serpent, fashion-filled masterpiece Halston and even the creepy horror Aftermath.

Is Allison guilty in Stillwater?

Allison was convicted for the murder of her roommate and lover, Hamdi Lina. She has been sentenced to 9 years in prison in Marseille, France, of which she has already served four.

What city does Saints Row 3 take place?

The game is set in the fictional city of Steelport (based on New York City), and continues the story of the 3rd Street Saints, once again putting players in the role of the gang’s leader, who is fully customizable….

Saints Row: The Third
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What city is Saints Row 1 based on?

Saints Row starts in the year 2006 with an unnamed character in the fictional island City of Stilwater, based on cities such as Detroit and Chicago[reference?], in the middle of a gang war between several gang factions.

Is Stilwater in Saints Row 2?

Stilwater is the setting of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row Undercover, and Saints Row: Total Control . Welcome to Stilwater … and it’s with one ‘L’, bitch. Stilwater’s changed appearance in Saints Row 2. There are fifteen Districts of Stilwater in Saints Row and twenty-two in Saints Row 2 .

How many districts are there in Stilwater?

There are fifteen Districts of Stilwater in Saints Row and twenty-two in Saints Row 2 . Stilwater is a fictional city set in the United States of America, in the state of Michigan, it is located in a lake,, on an island which is split down the middle by the large “Stilwater River”, crossed by multiple bridges.

What is the name of the bank in Saints Row?

Stilwater has a minor appearance in Saints Row: The Third in the form of Stilwater 1st National Bank during the mission ” When Good Heists Go Bad “. The Saints are also there during the opening cutscene of ” Return to Steelport “, when they are attacked during Johnny Gat’s funeral procession.

Who is the mayor of Saints Row 2?

In Saints Row 2, the mayor is Monica Hughes, widow of Alderman Richard Hughes, and the police department’s chief-of-police is Troy Bradshaw . The Stilwater Seal consists of two circles.