Is swather the same as combine?

Combine harvesting removes the binding and temporary pre-threshing storage step from the harvesting process, but in many regions of the world, combining without swathing, that is, reaping and threshing a standing plant at the same time, produces threshed grain that is too high in moisture for reliable storage.

What is a self propelled swather?

Self-propelled mower conditioners and windrowers, aka “swathers,” are used to cut, condition, and/or arrange hay, grain, legume, and forage crops into windrows for quicker drying and easier harvesting and baling.

What is the point of a swather?

A swather is a farm implement most commonly used to cut hay and form windrows. Swathers, or windrowers as they are sometimes referred to in other parts of the world, can also cut small cereal crops.

Are swathers tractors?

A swather also known as a windrower is a self-propelled or tractor-drawn farm machine used to cut & windrow hay, forage, seed & grain crops.

What engine is in a John Deere 800 swather?

Chrysler Industrial six cylinder gasoline engine
The John Deere 800 is a self-propelled centre delivery windrower with two sets of dual traction drive wheels and two rear castor wheels. It is powered by a Chrysler Industrial six cylinder gasoline engine.

How do you transport a swather?

Most swathers will be required to travel as oversized loads on a suitably sized trailer. Pull-type swather equipment is are often overlength and will typically be transported on an RGN trailer. As most pull-type swathers cannot fold, an extended RGN trailer is often used to transport larger models.

Can you use a swather to cut hay?

We wore out a swather or 2 cutting hay before finally getting a haybine. We had a crimper you mounted on the versatile swather. It actually did a good job. Otherwise a 20+ foot swath took a while to dry.

Can you cut hay with a swather?

– The swather combines the functions of the mowing machine and the rake. It cuts the hay and lays it in rows for the baler.

Why do farmers use a swather?

Swathers, or windrowers as they are sometimes referred to in other parts of the world, can also cut small cereal crops. Swathers are harvesting aids that help speed up the crop drying process, lowering the moisture content of the crop so that it’s suitable for harvesting and storage.

What does swather mean?

Definition of swather : a harvesting machine that cuts and windrows grain and seed crops also : a mower attachment that windrows the swath.