Is table A dependent object?

The definitions of some objects, including views and procedures, reference other objects, such as tables. As a result, the objects being defined are dependent on the objects referenced in their definitions.

How do I see table dependencies in SQL Developer?

You can actually see the queries that SQL Developer runs under the hood. If you go to to the View menu and choose Log, or hit Ctrl Shift L (assuming you’re using Windows) you’ll get a docked window which by default is titled “Messages – Log”.

What is a dependent object?

A dependent object is an object that is used by another object. For example, a source definition referenced by a shortcut is a dependent object of that shortcut. A dependent object is a child object to the parent object that uses the dependent object.

Which dictionary object shows dependencies between database objects?

DBA_DEPENDENCIES describes all dependencies between objects in the database.

What is Oracle dependency?

Oracle manages all local dependencies using the database’s internal dependency table, which keeps track of each schema object’s dependent objects. When a referenced object is modified, Oracle uses the depends-on table to identify dependent objects, which are then invalidated.

What is dependency in Plsql?

A dependency (in PL/SQL) is a reference from a stored program to some database object outside that program. Server-based PL/SQL programs can have dependencies on tables, views, types, procedures, functions, sequences, synonyms, object types, package specifications, etc.

Where are the dependencies of a table in Toad?

After connecting to your database user in Toad, click on the menu Database > Schema Browser. Then from the Table’s tab, select the table for which you want to find the dependencies. When you select the table by clicking on it, the right side multiple tabs window will display the information about the selected table.

Which are the exceptions of the Utl_file package?

Table 57-1 UTL_FILE Package Exceptions

Exception Name Description
INVALID_OPERATION File could not be opened or operated on as requested.
READ_ERROR Operating system error occurred during the read operation.
WRITE_ERROR Operating system error occurred during the write operation.
INTERNAL_ERROR Unspecified PL/SQL error.

Which triggers are used for virtual tables?

A common use of Magic tables in SQL Server is the DML (Data Manipulation Language) trigger. SQL Server DML trigger allows using these two virtual tables INSERTED and DELETED.

What does the collection method limit returns?

What is Collection Method LIMIT? Collection method LIMIT which is actually a PL/SQL function returns the maximum number of elements that a VARRAY can hold. This means that by using this function you can find out how many elements you can store in a VARRAY.

What is UTLFile?

UTL_FILE is an object under SYS user. GRANT EXECUTE ON SYS. UTL_FILE TO PUBLIC; needs to given while logged in as SYS. Otherwise, it will give declaration error in procedure. Anyone can create a directory as shown:- CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY DB_DIR AS ‘E:\DBWORKS’; But CREATE DIRECTORY permission should be in place.

What is UTL_FILE File_type in Oracle?

The UTL_FILE package lets your PL/SQL programs read and write operating system (OS) text files. It provides a restricted version of standard OS stream file input/output (I/O).

What is object dependency in Oracle?

Object dependency is important to understand in Oracle. It basically tells the parent child relationship between the objects. Lets understand with an example. Right now this table is alone and it is not dependent on any things. Lets create a view over it Now this view is dependent on the table.

What is the difference between DBA_dependencies and user_dependencies?

DBA_DEPENDENCIES describes all dependencies between objects in the database. This view does not display the SCHEMAID column. USER_DEPENDENCIES describes dependencies between objects in the current user’s schema. This view does not display the OWNER column.

How to find the dependency of a package in DBMS?

With 11g onwards, you can find the dependency using DBMS_UTILITY Package also. We have get_dependency subprogram inside the package which can use used for this purpose

What is all_dependencies in Salesforce?

ALL_DEPENDENCIES. ALL_DEPENDENCIES describes dependencies between procedures, packages, functions, package bodies, and triggers accessible to the current user, including dependencies on views created without any database links. This view does not display the SCHEMAID column.