Is the HyperX Cloud 2 still good in 2021?

This headset does great! It’s definitely not a high-end audiophile headphone, but for a gaming headset, the audio quality is exceptionally good. It has 53mm drivers and closed back ear cups. The sound isolation is this headset is very good, you won’t get distracted at all while gaming.

What is better than HyperX Cloud 2?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha are slightly better than the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II. The Cloud II and the Cloud Alpha have a very similar design with a detachable boom mic so you can use them casually for day-to-day use, though the mic on the Cloud II performs slightly better overall.

Does the HyperX Cloud 2 have good sound?

The HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II are decent for neutral listening. The gaming headset has good bass and a balanced mid-range but a poor treble reproduction. They lack a bit of detail while sounding slightly sharp on some tracks due to the inconsistent treble range.

What gaming headsets do 2021 pros use?

Best Gaming Headsets 2021 FAQ What headsets do pro gamers use in 2021? While professional gamers use different headsets, we’ve found that most of them use the HyperX Cloud II, Sennheiser Game Zero, and Razer Kraken 7.1 V2.

Why is the HyperX Cloud 2 GOOD?

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is a well-built, comfortable, excellent-sounding gaming headset that comes with its own optional USB sound card. It’s generous with accessories, and will work with all computers and mobile devices, and most game systems out of the box.

Is Arctis 5 better than HyperX Cloud 2?

Our Verdict The SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition are slightly better-wired gaming headphones than the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II. They have a very nice gaming software that allows lots of customization and control over the headset. Also, their sound quality is better than the HyperX’s, especially in the treble range.

Is SteelSeries or HyperX better?

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless are better gaming headphones than the HyperX Cloud Flight. Both are wireless and have fairly well-balanced sound profiles, but the SteelSeries feel better-built and more high-end. They also have better customization options through their software than the HyperX.

Are HyperX headphones good?

Overall, HyperX makes durable and sturdy gaming headsets at an affordable price with excellent noise filtering microphones. Most of their headsets are wired, which is great if you prefer to plug-and-play without having to worry about latency.

Is HyperX Cloud a good gaming headset?

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. The HyperX Cloud was built to be an ultra-comfortable gaming headset with amazing sound. We put a lot of thought into the details of our HyperX signature memory foam, the premium leatherette, clamping force, and weight distribution to create a headset that’s comfortable through long gaming sessions.

Is the HyperX Cloud II worth it?

HyperX Cloud II The HyperX CloudX is a great headset with high-quality sound, features, and design, but it lacks some of the accessibility and bells-and-whistles that the HyperX Cloud II has to offer. The HyperX Cloud II is a fantastic headset that offers everything the CloudX does, as well as some extra bonus features.

What makes Cloud II different from other gaming headsets?

The mic is also detachable. Cloud II comes with 100% memory foam ear pads and interchangeable ear cups for varying sound profiles and different textures: leatherette and velour. The tough aluminum frame construction is designed to endure the rigors of daily gaming.

How much is the HyperX cloud revolver for PS4?

HyperX 4.5 out of 5 stars 9,243 PlayStation 4 7 offers from $45.75 HyperX Cloud Revolver – Gaming Headset with HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound, Signature Memory Foam, Premium Leatherette, Steel Frame, Detachable Noise-Cancellation Microphone