Is the Ivory King set good?

Offers excellent physical defenses, elemental defenses, and resistances for a relatively-light heavy armor set, especially its fire and poison resistances, which are much higher than average. For its weight, this set offers an appreciable amount of Poise.

Can you get the ivory king armor?

The Ivory King Armor can be purchased for 24,000 souls from Maughlin the Armorer after the defeat of the Burnt Ivory King and bringing fifty Loyce Souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle.

What does the Ivory Kings Crown do?

When worn after receiving Vendrick’s Blessing, it will prevent hollowing after death, and completely protect from curse buildup.

What level should I be for the Crown of the Ivory King?

level 70
The correct route brings you up against a series of icy new enemies, rampart soldiers with crystalline spears and frozen protrusions on their back. One-on-one they’re simple enough, providing you’re a healthy level. I recommend at least level 70.

How do you get Loyce armor set?

Availability. The Loyce Set is collected by bringing Loyce Souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle. Five souls are needed for the Leggings and Gauntlets, fifteen for the Armor, and thirty-five for the Helm.

How many Loyce souls are there?


Amount of Souls Rewards
5 Loyce Leggings Loyce Gauntlets
15 Loyce Armor
35 Loyce Helm
50 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle Unlocks purchase of the Ivory King Set from Maughlin in Majula

How do you trade Loyce souls?


  1. Bring the souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle, who will reward you for the amount of souls possessed. The stairs leading to Alsanna, Silent Oracle will open up as you bring more souls.
  2. Consumable but it gains no Soul and it is not possible to sell it to Gavlan.

Who is the burnt ivory king?

Burnt Ivory King is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Added by the DLC Crown of the Ivory King, the boss is also available to Scholar of the First Sin Edition owners. The once kind king who cast himself into the chaos for Alsanna, his beloved Child of the Dark.

What does Ivory King say?

Similar to the Fume Knight and the Throne Watcher, the Ivory King wields his greatsword in his left hand. While the King dies, he yells out, “Alsanna!”.

How do I get to frigid outskirts?

There is a door guarded by three Hollows and a Rampart Golem. Defeat these enemies and open the door to the Expulsion Chamber bonfire. Light the bonfire and examine the coffin in the middle of the room. This will transport the player to the Frigid Outskirts.

How do you get to the crown of the Ivory King Sotfs?

To get started, head over to the Shaded Woods bonfire at the Ruined Fork Road. Go down the left path opposite the foggy area and you’ll find the Shrine of Winter. Examine the obelisk here to access the Crown of the Ivory King. Go through the door at the top of the hill and up the stairs to light the bonfire.

How do I give Loyce souls to Alsanna?

To reach her, you must have up to 50 Loyce Souls in your possession and have killed the Burnt Ivory King. You will receive rewards for the souls you have and the stairs leading to her will slowly clear off ice. Obtain the Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle by having 50 Loyce Souls or by killing her.