Is the Taylor 214 solid wood?

This dreadnought is made with a solid Sitka wood top and Sapele back and sides. It also comes equipped with electronics for easy live playability.

Is the Taylor 214 a solid top?

Taylor 214ce Acoustic-electric Guitar Features: 6-string Grand Auditorium delivers huge, balanced tone. Solid Sitka spruce top, layered rosewood back and sides. Graceful Venetian cutaway gives you free access to upper frets.

Who plays a Taylor 214?

From Alan Jackson to Katy Perry, from Keith Urban to Daria Musk, you’ll find at least a couple of your favorite musicians on the Taylor roster. The 214CE is one of Taylor’s best-selling guitars. It makes perfect sense.

What is the difference between Taylor 214 and 214 deluxe?

The 214ce Plus is new for 2020 and sits right between the 214ce and the 214ce Deluxe. The 214ce Plus adds a gloss finish, black binding and includes a Taylor Aerocase, which combines the lightweight and portability of a soft case with the durability and protection of a hardshell case.

Where are Taylor 214 made?

Like all 200 series Taylors, the 214ce Plus is made in the company’s Tecate, Mexico factory, which is just an hour drive from Taylor’s headquarters in El Cajon, California.

Is the Taylor 214ce a good beginner guitar?

This acoustic guitar made by Taylor is an outstanding, top quality product that will please everyone, from the ambitious beginner guitarist to the travel worn veteran. This full-size and full sounding guitar, while somewhat expensive, is made from excellent products and includes some of the very best electronics.

Where is the Taylor 214ce made?

What guitars do celebrities use?

Famous Artists and Their Guitars

Gibson Les Paul and SG Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster Epiphone
Bob Marley Jimmy Hendrix John Lennon
Jimmy Page Jeff Beck The Edge
Slash Eric Clapton Trent Reznor
AC/DC Billy Corgan Pete Townshend

Where is the Taylor 214ce DLX made?

Is the Gibson 214 a good guitar for fingerstyle?

In fact the 214 is perfectly obliging for fingerstyle too, thanks to relatively generous string spacing across the nut plus the regulation 55mm spacing at the bridge. The shallow, evenly rounded profile is very comfortable, and the satin finish feels smooth and slick (unlike early 200s which were open-pored without grain filler).

Is the Taylor 214ce a good guitar?

The 214CE is one of Taylor’s best-selling guitars. It makes perfect sense. It costs a lot less than the high-end Taylors but only marginally more than the 100 series. That makes the it the ideal middle-ground for guitarists who want to own a Taylor without breaking the bank.

Why did Taylor change the back of the 214 to Ebony?

On a point of historical trivia, the 214’s fretboard and bridge were originally ebony, so this change has clearly been a cost-saving measure somewhere along the way. You might argue that Taylor is being a tad economical with the truth in billing the back and sides as rosewood.

What kind of battery does a Taylor c214ce have?

The C214CE features the ES-2 – Taylor’s trademark electronic system, which features three unassuming dials on the side and a 9V battery compartment on the underside. The guitar is fairly plug-and-play and the knobs can be used to tweak the volume, tone, and gain structure.