Is there a bike rack for a Mini Cooper?

The Bike Rack for the Mini Cooper is one of the most popular accessory for the active Mini Cooper owner. Depending on your preference, budget, and body style of your MINI, there are many different solutions.

What is bike rack preparation on a Mini?

Neutral. So from everything I have read, people say the “factory bike rack prep” is just the two plugs in the rear bumper which you undo to insert the Mini bike rack into. I am sure everyone is familiar with how that bike rack is not the best based on user reviews.

Can you put a kayak on a Mini Cooper?

Can even the smallest Mini Cooper carry a Kayak? Absolutely! We have a selection of Mini Kayak Racks made for whatever Mini you have. By mounting a Kayak Rack to your roof you can load up one or two boats and be on your way to the water in no time.

Can you fit a bike rack to a Mini convertible?

A: You’re in luck – Mini makes its own bike rack for the convertible. The bad news is that it isn’t cheap. First, you’ll need a ‘rear rack system’ (380). Then you’ll need the bike rack itself, which will cost you another 52.

Can you put a bike rack on a Mini Clubman?

Bike Carrier / Bike Racks for Mini Clubman (2015 onwards) It’s not possible to fit a rear door fitting bike carrier to this vehicle, this is due to the design and/or strength of the tailgate. We recommend considering either roof bar or tow bar mounting bike carriers.

Can you fit a bike in the back of a Mini Cooper?

Yes it will quite easily if you take the wheels out. I had a new mini cooper a couple of years back. I also had an old mini (original) when I was a student and some how used to get two road bike in it! fl8216 wrote: Yes, my bike (Specialized SL2 54) will with only the front wheel removed.

Can you put a bike rack on a convertible?

The vinyl coated hooks strap securely to your convertible with spring buckles, which makes installation quick and effortless. This convertible car bike rack also comes with a lifetime guarantee, as long as the original owner has the rack its in guarantee.

What version is my Mini Cooper?

MINI Cooper models are categorized using the letter R or F and then 2 digits. This is the chassis code format that BMW uses. There are some inconsistencies but for the most part they are pretty intuitive. Generation 1 and 2 MINIs start with the letter “R” while the generation 3 MINIs start with the letter “F.”

Can you fit a mountain bike in the back of a Mini Cooper?

I managed to fit two bikes and all the gear for a weekend away camping and mountain biking in the back. My GF at the time had to move her seat forward a couple of clicks, but that was just ot make it a little easier to get everything in. The internal panels do scratch and mark, but you will get that with any car.

Which bike rack should I buy?

Towball Mounted Bike Rack

  • Towbar Bike Rack
  • Rear Mounted Bike Rack
  • Roof Mounted Bike Rack
  • How do you put a bike on a bike rack?

    Open up the rack so it has a nice arc shape.

  • Attach the clips to the top,bottom,and sides of the trunk. The clips hook into the spaces where the trunk actually separates from the car.
  • Tighten all straps so the rack is firmly in place.
  • Test the strength of the rack by shaking it side to side.
  • Pull up the bike arms and lock them into place.
  • How to buy a bike rack?

    Hold 2-6 bikes

  • Typically make frame contact (except for a few wheel-mount racks)
  • May require adapter bar for alternative-framed bikes (such as women’s step-through bikes)
  • May be too wide or bulky to hold kids’ bikes
  • Cost less than platform racks
  • Weigh less than platform-style racks
  • How to fit a bike rack?

    – Many cars don’t have a hitch that can be used to install a hitch-mounted rack. Some cars have hitches, but they may be too small for a bike rack. – Check your car’s towing capacity by reading the manual to see if the car can safely handle a hitch rack plus the weight of a bike. – Hitch-mounted racks typically can store 2-4 bikes.