Is there a German version of scrabble?

German Scrabble Is Extremely Metal German Scrabble includes that most headbanging of diacritics, the umlaut. The umlaut is the diacritical mark consisting of two dots placed over a vowel. Indeed, German Scrabble separates umlauted and non-umlauted vowels. They even score differently.

Do they play scrabble in Germany?

As our image helpfully illustrates, the idea of playing Scrabble in German comes with a few challenges. At first glance, the question might seem absurd: Scrabble is in no way limited to English.

What are the basic German words?

Basic German Phrases

  • Guten Tag = Good morning.
  • Hallo = Hello.
  • Ich heiße … = My name is …
  • Sprechen Sie Englisch? = Do you speak English?
  • Wie heißt du? = What’s your name?
  • Wie geht es dir? = How are you?
  • Gut, danke = Fine, thank you.
  • Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen = Nice to meet you.

What languages are allowed in scrabble?


  • English.
  • Afrikaans.
  • Arabic.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Catalan.
  • Croatian.
  • Czech.
  • Danish.

How do you play Scrabble in German?

The only rule that is different is the umlauts are not allowed to be replaced by “OE”, “AE” and “UE”. There is no ß tile, either, because Scrabble letters are all uppercase, and there is no uppercase variant of this letter, so “SS” has to be used.

Is there a Russian Scrabble?

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Is Adios a Scrabble word?

Yes, adios is in the scrabble dictionary.

Can I use foreign words in Scrabble?

Scrabble rule: Some foreign words are accepted According to the official Scrabble rules, “all words labeled as a part of speech” are allowed, including those listed as “archaic, obsolete, colloquial, and slang.” Foreign words are permitted as long as they appear in English dictionaries.

What are the best Scrabble Words?

QUIXOTIC (76 points) Quixotic: Not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic.

  • MAXIMIZE (78 points)…
  • WHEEZILY (76 points)…
  • EQUALIZE (76 points)…
  • CHUTZPAH (77 points)…
  • EXORCISE (76 points)…
  • WHIZBANG (76 points)…
  • JEZEBEL (75 points)
  • What are the rules of Scrabble?

    Scrabble Rules: When playing Scrabble word finder, 2 to 4 players have played at the same time.When playing, the goal is to score more points than some other members. Points are obtained as words are put on the game board, and then each letters used throughout the game has a particular point value.

    What happened to the old Scrabble?

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  • How to master Scrabble?

    Open the Board Up. This is the first step to helping yourself out on the SCRABBLE board.

  • Close the Board. There may be situations where opening the board up is not an option,so do the opposite – close it!
  • Avoid Colored Squares. A good offense is always a good defense.
  • Blocking.
  • Tracking.
  • Read Your Opponent.
  • Sacrificing.
  • Use More Letters.