Is there Groupon in Turkey?

“Groupon has ceased its operations in Turkey as of Aug. 24, 2015, so we are unable to offer new advantages anymore,” said the company. The company made the decision to leave the country after its Turkey office could not meet financial expectations, according to sector sources.

How much money should I bring to Istanbul?

You should plan to spend around TRY805 ($54) per day on your vacation in Istanbul, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, TRY202 ($14) on meals for one day and TRY47 ($3.17) on local transportation.

Is Istanbul a cheap place to visit?

Istanbul is a popular European destination for travelers from all over the world. Istanbul is also a cheap destination when compared to other main European metropolitan cities.

Is Istanbul safe at night?

It’s considered the main slum in Istanbul and you definitely won’t be safe walking around here, especially at night. Note that this area is close to the famous Istiklal street, so it’s best to check your route before you head out.

What is the best month to visit Istanbul?

When to Go to Istanbul The peak-season months (with the best weather) are from mid-April to June and September to October. During the off-season, you can generally find better deals and smaller crowds, the weather is usually good, and all the sights are open.

Are clothes cheaper in Turkey?

“Turkey is now the cheapest place in the world for shopping,” said Orhan, 22, who was holding a place in the line outside Louis Vuitton for a Chinese couple shopping elsewhere, and who didn’t want to give his last name.

Do I need to cover my hair in Istanbul?

Mosque etiquette: Time to rock that head scarf When visiting a mosque, you will be required to cover your hair, shoulders, and knees, and to take off your shoes.