Is Witchblade worth reading?

It’s a trade paperback that both old and new readers can enjoy. Yes, Michael Turner’s art is awesome, but Christina Z. and Wohl deserve a lot of credit for writing a decent detective story. It’s worth a read for both the art and the story.

How many issues of Witchblade are there?


Genre Superhero
Publication date November 1995 – October 2015 December 2017 – January 2020
No. of issues 203
Main character(s) Witchblade Sara Pezzini Alex Underwood

What kind of anime is Witchblade?

Witchblade (2006 TV series)

ウィッチブレイド (Witchibureido)
Genre Action, Superhero, Ecchi
Anime television series
Directed by Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Produced by Masaru Nagai Susumu Hieda Takeyuki Okazaki

What happened to the TV show Witchblade?

The show was canceled in September 2002; there was speculation that the cancellation was connected to Butler’s entering rehab for alcoholism. Top Cow editor Matt Hawkins stated as much and added the series was and remains the highest rated TV series to be cancelled.

How strong is Witchblade?

Superhuman Strength: The Witchblade increases Sara’s natural strength to superhuman levels. She is strong enough to overpower humans and fight supernatural beings and creatures. Sara can even match an empowered Jackie Estacado in his Darkness armor.

Why was Witchblade anime Cancelled?

The series concluded for the second and final season on August 26, 2002, then it was cancelled by TNT on September 2002 following the scandal of Butler’s drunk and alcoholism.

Is Witchblade a good anime?

Animation-wise Witchblade wobbles back and forth between good, decent and really quite poor, though for a slightly older anime it looks very nice overall.

Why was Witchblade Cancelled?

Is there a Witchblade movie?

Witchblade is a made-for-television live-action superhero film adapted from the cult comic book by Marc Silvestri and Top Cow Productions.

How did Jackie get the darkness?

With him being dead, Jackie then will become the Darkness himself. As Jackie stabs the Heart of Darkness, the Heart reveals that he too was long ago a wielder of the Darkness. He rebelled against the Darkness and sought to end it’s reign once and for all. The Heart took away its power and hid it inside of himself.

Does Witchblade have fan service?

One under rated anime, very well developed plot even though it has fan service. I loved this anime when it came out. A lot of people do not really give it a chance, as you can see from the picture they use, they think it is going to be one of this fan-service non plot anime.

Is Marvel a Witchblade?

In one of comics’ most unlikely pairings, Wolverine and Witchblade were legally married in a Marvel and Top Cow crossover. Outside of being two of the most iconic comic book characters of the 1990s, Wolverine and Witchblade don’t seem like they have a lot in common.