Was norimitsu odachi ever used?

It has also been suggested that, as the odachi was a cumbersome weapon to use, it was not actually utilized as a weapon in combat. Instead, it could have been used as a kind of standard for an army, similar to the way a flag would have been employed during a battle.

Who used norimitsu odachi?

As to how exactly the Norimitsu Odachi sword might have been used by Japanese in combat, one of the most popular theories suggests that the weapons were largely used by foot soldiers. This is backed by descriptions in historical Japanese texts.

Were Odachis used in battle?

Some ōdachi were use in prayer before a war, while others were displayed (sometimes in temples)—reputedly as legendary swords from mythology. The average length of an ōdachi is 65–70 inches long (approx 165–178 cm), often with a 4–5 foot blade. This made them unsuitable for close-quarters combat.

What is the longest Japanese sword?

the Odachi Norimitsu
The longest known ōdachi is the Odachi Norimitsu with a total length of 377 centimetres (148 in). It was forged by the Japanese master bladesmith Norimitsu Osafune in the former Bishū province in August 1446.

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