What are humanities classes at UWM?

Humanities Departments & Majors

  • Art History.
  • Communication.
  • English.
  • Philosophy.
  • Foreign Languages and Literature (Arabic, Chinese, Classics, German, Modern Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Swedish)
  • French, Italian, and Comparative Literature.
  • Latin American, Caribbean, & U.S. [email protected] Studies.

What majors is UWM known for?

It also boasts one of the world’s top film programs, the state’s largest school of education and Wisconsin’s only bachelor’s program in ASL/English interpretation. Other major programs include business, engineering and information studies.

What GPA do you need to graduate UWM?

The minimum graduation GPA requirement is a cumulative 3.0 (4.0 basis) or better in all work taken toward the degree.

Is UWM a liberal arts school?

When you enroll in the UWM College of General Studies, you’ll begin working toward an Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree, which recognizes the completion of a two-year liberal arts program.

How many credits do you need to graduate UWM?

120 credits
Regardless of the major you choose, all L&S students must complete these general requirements as part of the 120 credits it takes to earn a degree.

What makes UWM special?

UWM has Wisconsin’s only accredited architecture school, and it’s one of only 28 universities in the U.S. to offer a doctoral degree in architecture. UWM has the only accredited school of public health in Wisconsin. In 2021, Variety magazine ranked UWM’s film program among the top 50 film programs in the world.

Is UWM a good University?

UWM is one of four universities in Wisconsin ranked among the top educational institutions in the world, according to a new ranking by U.S. News & World Report. UWM is joined on the 2022 Best Global Universities list by UW-Madison, the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University.

What is a failing grade at UWM?

Grading System

Grade (Points per credit)
D+ (1.330)
D (1.000) Poor
D- (0.670)
F (0-16) (0.000) Fail

What grade is passing at UWM?

The standard minimum Grade Point Average for a UWM undergraduate is 2.0, which is equal to a ā€œCā€ grade. The standard is based on your Cumulative (total) Grade Point Average. Graduate Students must maintain a 3.0 or better.

What is UWM graduation rate?

41.2% (For first-time, full-time in 2018ā€“19)University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / Graduation rate

Is UWM a good school?