What are NYU sports?

NYU Varsity Teams

Golf Soccer
Soccer Softball
Swimming and Diving Swimming and Diving
Tennis Tennis

Why is Caltech so good?

It is very small Caltech’s diminutive size also ensures an intense focus for its research activities, allowing it to concentrate abundant resources on core strengths and to encourage close collaborations between faculty across traditional disciplines.

Does Caltech care about extracurriculars?

Absolutely, Caltech admissions cares deeply about extracurriculars, and they will NOT admit you solely based on excellent “standard” academics (unless you’re, like, Ph. D. level already, of course). Extracurriculars should show passion for education.

Is Caltech harder than MIT?

It is harder to admit to MIT than Caltech. Caltech has a higher submitted SAT score (1,545) than MIT (1,540). Caltech has higher submitted ACT score (36) than MIT (35). MIT has more students with 11,574 students while Caltech has 2,233 students.

Is Caltech nerdy?

Caltech is very nerdy. Incredibly “science nerdy”, fairly nerdy in other ways. There are many ways to be “nerdy”. Nearly everyone at Caltech is a STEM nerd of some kind.

What percent of Brown is Greek?


Why is Caltech so small?

Caltech is smaller and more specialized than Stanford and has fewer applicants. Their percentage accepted is higher than Stanford but the actual number is smaller because they are a smaller school.

Is Caltech the hardest school to get into?

But instead of Harvard topping the list, the latest rankings show the toughest school to get into is a California university: the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Harvard University placed second on the nationwide list of hardest colleges to get into.

Is Greek life big at Columbia?

At Columbia, 24.1 percent of students are in a chapter of Greek life. Admittedly, this constitutes a smaller number of students than at larger state schools.

What do Caltech students do for fun?

These range from sports to singing, dancing, playing video games or being involved in student government. Students are generally always consulted on issues that concern them. There are several committees who serve these roles, and students serve on them by volunteering or being elected in the houses.

What sororities are at Brown University?

Four of the sororities at Brown University (Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Kappa Delta) are governed by the Panhellenic Association and are members of National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) .

Does NYU have a sorority?

What Panhellenic sororities are at NYU? There are 7 Panhellenic sororities here at NYU! There are other Greek letter organizations on campus that are based around professions, community service and multicultural groups.

Is Caltech better than MIT?

Caltech and MIT are both prestigious science and technology universities, which means that they’re similarly regarded when it comes to university rankings; however, MIT typically beats Caltech on most ranking lists.

Are there frats at NYU?

This list features fraternities and sororities that are currently active and affiliated with the University, as well as some groups that used to be in good standing but are no longer recognized by NYU….

Status Active
Chapter Alpha Phi Delta
Type – Fraternity
Council Interfraternity

Is Caltech better than Harvard?

Caltech is a small science- and engineering oriented school, well known for its academic rigor. If you want to study engineering, arguably, Caltech may be considered a better school. If you want to study business or liberal arts, Harvard is probably a better place. For some students, Harvard is better.

Does Brown have Greek life?

Greek Organizations have been a part of Brown’s campus life for 175 years. With both local and national organization affiliations, the current organizations include sororities, fraternities, and gender inclusive organizations.

Does Columbia have sororities?

Columbia University’s fraternity and sorority community is comprised of 28 chapters: 16 fraternities, 11 sororities and 1 co-ed organization.

Are there sororities at Upenn?

Penn has 48 fraternities and sororities, which are part of three larger groups — the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, and Intercultural Greek Council.