What are some superhero questions?

80 Superhero Trivia & Comic Book Questions

  1. Who is the superhero that is also known as the “Man of Steel?”
  2. What year was the first Iron Movie movie released?
  3. At the end of the Incredible Hulk movie, what does Tony tell Thaddeus Ross?
  4. What is Batman’s real name?
  5. Where did Green Lantern first appeared in?

Which superhero Cannot transform back into human form?

Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the Invisible Woman, Ben’s transformation into the Thing is one of Marvel Comics’ great tragedies. Unlike the other three members of the quartet, who appear human, Ben is (usually) unable to revert to human form and hates having to live his life as the Thing.

Which character has mastery over the weather famously sported a mohawk and was also married to Black Panther?

Which character has mastery over the weather, famously sported a Mohawk and was also married to Black Panther? A long-time member of the X-Men, Storm’s real name is Ororo Munroe.

Who is the superhero that is also known as the Man of Steel?

As a child, Clark exhibits a collection of superhuman powers—invulnerability, incredible strength, the ability to leap incredible distances, and super speed—that would later become the hallmarks of his alter ego, Superman, the “Man of Steel.”

What superhero WA born with the curse of kordax?

1) What superhero was born with the Curse of Kordax? Born of royal Atlantean blood, Aquaman (the infant Prince Orin) was abandoned for having blond hair, which according to Atlantean myth signifies the Curse of Kordax.

How many fingers does The Thing have?

The Thing has no apparent neck. He has only four fingers (including the thumb) on each hand and four toes on each foot. The increase in the volume of his fingers has not decreased his manual dexterity.

Who does The Thing marry?

Alicia Masters
The Thing is married to Alicia Masters, has three super-powered children, and resides on Mars with the Inhumans. He is now capable of shifting between his human form and ‘Thing’ form at will.

Who is Challa wife?

In Marvel’s Civil War Cease-Fire Event, King T’Challa (Black Panther) proposed to Ororo Munroe (Storm), and the couple did marry to become the premier power couple in Marvel, uniting two worlds — the worlds of mutant-kind and Wakanda.

Who is Black Panther’s girlfriend in the movie?

Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia: T’Challa’s former lover and a War Dog, an undercover spy for Wakanda, from the River Tribe. Nyong’o called Nakia a “departure” from her comic counterpart. She begins the film fighting for enslaved women in Nigeria.

How many quiz questions are there for superheroes?

Now, let’s start with these 39 trivia superhero quiz questions and answers. 1. The Man of Steel is another name for which superhero? 2. What is the real name of Batman?

What is a superhero Quizlet?

Superhero Characters Trivia Questions & Answers. A superhero is someone who possess extra ordinary qualitites and is able to perform herioc tasks. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Wonder woman are few examples of the superheros that are equally loved by kids and adults.

Can you guess your superheroes from an image?

Superheroes are all the craze and just like in “The Christmas Song,” it doesn’t matter if you’re 1 or 92, you love them. However, the majority of people can’t guess each superhero from an image. Is a perfect memory part of your superpowers, or will this quiz be your Kryptonite?

What are some interesting superhero trivia?

10 Interesting Superhero Trivia Facts 1 Super-Man can hear the heartbeat of every individual on this planet. 2 Spider-Man once managed to defeat The Hulk by telling a joke and calming him down. 3 Deathstroke the superhero had the ability to use 90% of his brain at one time.