What are synonyms for pivotal?


  • critical,
  • crucial,
  • key,
  • vital.

Is pivot a synonym or antonym?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pivot, like: change, rotate, turn, shift, move, shaft, veer, pulley, knurl, tilt and spindle.

What is aspiration antonym?

▲ Opposite of an ambition or something that one hopes to achieve. unambition. directionlessness. apathy.

What is meant by pivotal role?

A pivotal role, point, or figure in something is one that is very important and affects the success of that thing. The Court of Appeal has a pivotal role in the English legal system. The elections may prove to be pivotal in the country’s political history.

What is a pivotal word?

pivotal Add to list Share. High school graduation is a pivotal moment in most people’s lives — an important point that signifies a shift in direction. You see the word pivot in pivotal. That is because when something is pivotal, it is central, and everything related to the topic turns or depends on it.

What is a business pivot?

What does pivoting mean in business? When a business pivots, it means that it’s changing some aspect of its core products or services. Businesses might pivot to better meet customer demand, to shift their target audience to boost sales or some combination of both.

What is the pivoting?

What is pivoting? A pivot means fundamentally changing the direction of a business when you realize the current products or services aren’t meeting the needs of the market.

Is Aspirationalist a word?

Aspirationalism definition The philosophy or practice of striving to better one’s situation in life, especially economically and materially.

What does non pivotal mean?

Editors Contribution. non-pivotal. Exploratory, not evident of clinical trials.

What is the noun of pivotal?

pivot. A thing on which something turns; specifically a metal pointed pin or short shaft in machinery, such as the end of an axle or spindle. Something or someone having a paramount significance in a certain situation. Act of turning on one foot.

What is an example of pivotal?

The definition of pivotal is something which is central, vital or very important. An example of something that would be described as a pivotal decision in your life is the decision to marry your spouse. Of, relating to, or serving as a pivot.

What is the meaning of the word pivotal?

Pivotal: of the greatest possible importance. Synonyms: critical, crucial, key… Find the right word.

What does pivotal means?

What does the word pivotal mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language and other sources such as Collins English Dictionary and American Heritage, the word pivotal is an adjective that is most commonly used figuratively to mean of central importance or critical importance.

What is another word for pivotal?

synonyms for pivotal Compare Synonyms central climactic critical crucial decisive essential momentous vital cardinal determining focal middle overriding overruling principal ruling Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for pivotal MOST RELEVANT inessential minor secondary trivial uncritical unimportant inconsequential unsubstantial

What is the opposite of pivotal?

Antonyms for most pivotal include most inconsequential, most minor, most secondary, most trivial, most uncritical, most unimportant and most unsubstantial. Find more opposite words at wordhippo.com!