What are the symbols in traffic?

Traffic Signs Meaning
Horn Prohibited Honking is restricted in areas marked with this sign.
No Parking Restricts parking of vehicles in areas marked with this sign.
No Stopping or Standing No vehicle or person should stand or stop at the locations marked with this sign.

How many basic shapes of road signs are there * 10 points?

Nine Basic Shapes You Should Know The basic shapes and colors of traffic signs are important. You should know signs by their appearances so when driving you can recognize them at a distance even when visibility is poor.

How many types of traffic symbols are there?

Traffic signs in India are broadly split into three categories- mandatory signs, cautionary signs, and informative signs.

What are the 8 traffic sign colors?

A white background indicates a regulatory sign; yellow conveys a general warning message; green shows permitted traffic movements or directional guidance; fluorescent yellow/green indicates pedestrian crossings and school zones; orange is used for warning and guidance in roadway work zones; coral is used for incident …

What are the 8 different shapes of traffic signs?

Road sign shapes

  • Octagon. STOP signs are the only octagon-shaped road signs.
  • Triangle. YIELD signs are red and white inverted triangles (the tip of the triangle points downward).
  • Rectangle. This shape is used for regulatory signs and guide signs.
  • Diamond.
  • Pentagon.
  • Circle.
  • Pennant.

What is the most important rule of the road?

So, the most important rule of using the road is to drive to avoid accidents or harm to other road users. You can do this by anticipating other drivers’ actions, leaving a safety bubble and driving within the law.

What are six special roadway markings?

No parking zones, handicapped parking spaces, yellow or white markings for roadway obstructions, railroad crossing markings, white markings that show where an exit ramp begins, and rumble strips to warn you to slow for an upcoming hazard.