What are words that start with Cup?

6-letter words that start with cup

  • cupola.
  • cupful.
  • cupric.
  • cupule.
  • cupula.
  • cuprum.
  • cuppas.
  • cupped.

How many words are in a cup?

Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters C U P, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. We found a total of 2 words by unscrambling the letters in cup.

What is the compound nouns of cup?

letter words that start with cup. cupboard. cupidity. cupreous.

What words can you make with glasses?

65 words can be made from the letters in the word glasses….Words that can be made with glasses

  • asses.
  • gales.
  • gases.
  • glass.
  • lases.
  • sages.
  • sales.
  • seals.

What words end with brush?

9-letter words that end in brush

  • sagebrush.
  • hairbrush.
  • nailbrush.
  • snowbrush.
  • dustbrush.
  • kneebrush.
  • shoebrush.
  • cytobrush.

What are compound words?

Compound Words are two or more words that have been grouped together to create a new word that has a different, individual meaning. There are three different kinds of compound words: closed compound words, open compound words and hyphenated compound words.

What words end in cur?


  • occur.
  • incur.
  • recur.
  • excur.
  • bucur.
  • mucur.
  • oocur.
  • gicur.

Is Buttercup a compound word?

Abstract. Semantic transparency (ST) is a measure quantifying the strength of meaning association between a compound word (buttercup) and its constituents (butter, cup).

What words can be made from ageless?

Words that can be made with ageless

  • eagles.
  • easels.
  • leases.

What words can be made from landing?

Words that can be made with landing

  • inland.
  • lading.
  • ligand.
  • lignan.

What words have chair in them?

9 letter words containing chair

  • chairlift.
  • highchair.
  • pushchair.
  • unchaired.
  • wingchair.
  • bedchairs.
  • armchairs.
  • cochaired.

When can you hyphenate words?

Generally, you need the hyphen only if the two words are functioning together as an adjective before the noun they’re describing. If the noun comes first, leave the hyphen out.

What words can you make with Cup?

Words that rhyme with cup. cup. Filter by syllables: All | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4. Rhyming Words. up. backup. club. gallop. crop.

What are some examples for a cup?

– Air conditioner – Electric Iron – Washing machine

Is the word Cup a common noun?

You can find over 15 nouns starting with cup from this wordmom list. All these nouns starting with cup are validated using recognized English dictionaries. Nouns can be considered as the most common class of word in the English language. Nouns have a wider definition but in simple words, a noun is a word that identifies a person, place thing or idea. Based on the use nouns can be categorized as common nouns, proper nouns, countable nouns, uncountable nouns etc.

What are some compound words with the word Cup?

Ice cream

  • Ice cream cake
  • Ice cube
  • Cream cheese
  • Hot dog
  • Corn dog
  • Corned beef
  • Apple pie
  • Sugar plum
  • Web page