What brands did Nygard own?

Brands and retail outlets Nygård International had multiple product lines, including ALIA and TanJay. The Nygård Fashions brands included Peter Nygård Collections, Bianca Nygård, and Nygård SLIMS. Nygård Moderate also had three national brands that were exclusively available at Dillard’s in the United States.

Is Nygard Cay still alive?

Since 2018, Nygard hasn’t had access to the cay, and the resort has been permanently closed.

Are all Nygard stores closing?

Nyguard. Winnipeg-based women’s retailer is liquidating its chain of 169 stores including Alia and Tan Jay.

Who owns Alia TanJay?

Nygard International Partnership
Hilco Streambank, an intellectual property advisory firm specializing in the valuation and sale of intangible assets, announced Thursday that it is selling the intellectual property assets of the company Nygard International Partnership, including the trademarks associated with the Alia, TanJay and Nygard brands.

What is the status of Nygard Cay?

On September 28, 2018, Nygård Cay was seized by the Supreme Court of the Bahamas as part of a legal battle surrounding Nygård’s efforts to dredge the sea floor around the estate. In 2021 the property is in a general state of disrepair.

Is the Nygard company still in business?

The Nygard companies have been in receivership since March 18, under the control of Richter Advisory Group Inc. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of all 165 of Nygard’s retail stores in Canada and the U.S., which prevented the receiver from holding liquidation sales.

Who is Nygard’s daughter?

Bianca Nygård
Scarlet NygårdXar NygårdÅliå Nygård
Peter Nygård/Daughters

How many wives did Nygard have?

Nygård has ten children with eight women.

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Why did Nygard stores closing?

U.S. department store chain cutting ties with Nygard in light of sexual assault allegations. Dillard’s, a large department store chain with nearly 300 locations in the U.S., is severing ties with Canadian fashion company Nygard over recent sexual assault allegations against the company’s founder, Peter Nygard.

Are Nygard stores still open?

Nygard: The Winnipeg-based Nygard retail chain of stores is liquidating, including its Alia and Tan Jay storefronts. It’s the end of an era for the fashion company with 169 stores and an expansive wholesale arm founded by designer Peter Nygard who’s empire has gone down amid allegations of sexual misconduct.