What channel is KTLA on antenna?

KTLA (channel 5) is a television station in Los Angeles, California, United States, affiliated with The CW. It is the largest directly owned property of Nexstar Media Group….KTLA.

Los Angeles, California United States
Affiliations 5.1: The CW 5.2: Antenna TV 5.3: Court TV 5.4: TBD 5.5: Rewind TV

Does Antenna TV have an app?

The NoCable app assists you with setting up your over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna and then helps you get the most out of your free broadcast television. NoCable walks you through the purchase, installation and troubleshooting of an over-the-air TV antenna recommended specifically to your home’s location!

What shows are on rewind?

Rewind’s lineup consists of sitcoms, including Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Mork & Mindy, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Who’s the Boss? Head of the Class; The Hogan Family – all moved from Antenna TV – as well as newer acquisitions Caroline in the City, Suddenly Susan, and The Drew Carey Show.

How many channels can I get with an antenna in my area?

These days, if you live in a large metropolitan area and plug in a digital TV antenna to your TV, you can easily receive anywhere from 70 to more than 100 channels.

Will a paperclip work as an antenna?

The Paper Clip Antenna If you live in an area with great over-the-air TV reception, a paper clip may be the first option you want to try. All you need to do is straighten out the paper clip and put it into the cable/antenna plug on your TV (that round connector you used to connect the cable outlet from your TV).

Is Antenna TV becoming Rewind TV?

In 2021, Antenna TV would slide its non-Carson library of shows from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s over to its new spinoff/sister network Rewind TV, while (primarily) focusing itself on shows from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

What direction should my antenna face?

When up with the TV antenna, simply point it in the direction of the television transmitter mast. Obviously, this requires the TV transmitter mast to be visible, but if not, it is often possible to align the antenna in the same direction as other local antennas.