What cup is size 40 bra?

Bra Size Charts

1. Band size 2. Cup size
34 40.2-41.7 41.7-43.3
36 42.1-43.7 43.7-45.3
38 44.0-45.7 45.7-47.2
40 46.0-47.6 47.6-49.2

What size cup is a 40?

International size guide and body measurements

36 UNDERBUST 31 inches 79cm 31 inches 79cm
OVERBUST 35 inches 89cm 40 inches 101.5
38 UNDERBUST 33 inches 84cm 33 inches 84cm
OVERBUST 38 inches 96.5cm 43 inches 109cm

What is B cup in bra size?

For example: Your bust line measurement at the fullest part of your bust is 34″ and your chest size is 32″. 34″ – 32″ = 2″. The difference is 2″, which means your cup size is a B cup.

What does 40B bra size mean?

Hi Kay, A 40B would be equivalent to a 38C, 36D, or a 34DD. Thing about bras are… They have sister sizes. That’s different band sizes with different cups that are equivalent in volume. Hope this helps.

What is 34B bra size in cm?

Step 2: Overbust (cup size)

34 – Band Size
Chest (cm) 84.5-88.5 92-96
Your bra size: 34B 34E

How many inches is B cup?

Under the bust

B CUP 32 B 54 B
Bust measurement (in inches) 33.1 – 33.9 54.7 – 55.5
Under the bust measurement (in inches) 27 – 28 49 – 50

What is 34B bra size in CM?

Is BB bigger than B?

B is smaller than bb, around half the weight. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

Does a 40B bra exist?

Womens 40b Bra : Target.

What is the next bra size after 40B?


Current Bra Size Sister Size DOWN Sister Size UP
40A 38B 42AA
40B 38C 42A
40C 38D 42B