What did Vettel say in Brazil?

It was an upsetting moment in the race for Sebastian Vettel, who was battling with his teammate in the final laps of the race. The two Ferraris collided on lap 66, making it a double retirement for the team in São Paulo. An angry Vettel made the airwaves red, saying, “Mein Gott muss das sein!?”

What does Vettel say in Italian?

Vettel added, “Grazie. Ho una sorpresa, aspetta.” Following the exchange of words, the German let his emotions out by singing in Italian.

Why did Vettel crash at Hockenheim?

Sebastian Vettel’s failure to deliver on his targets at the Ferrari Formula 1 team was triggered by ‘insecurity ‘resulting from his 2018 German Grand Prix crash, according to Helmut Marko.

What did Sebastian Vettel say to Hamilton?

After the Brazilian GP sprint race, Sebastian Vettel can be heard talking to his team on the radio, where he tells them, “I’m going to touch Hamilton’s rear wing.” In response, the German’s race engineer tells him, “don’t you dare!

What did Vettel say to Leclerc?

In a hand-written message on the helmet he gave to the youngster, Vettel said that Leclerc was “the most talented driver I came across in 15 years of F1” and urged the 23-year-old “not to waste it”.

What does Grazie Ragazzi?

Thanks, boys, thanks! Grazie, ragazzi, grazie. All right, thanks, guys.

Does Vettel know Italian?

Besides his native German, Vettel speaks English, French, Finnish and Italian.

Can Vettel speak Italian?

It is reported that Vettel speaks English, French, Italian and his mother tongue German. There’s no denying that the ability to speak these languages ​​helped integrate and take off with any team.

What lap did Vettel crash?

And race day capped a miserable weekend for Vettel, as first he lost the car and scampered over the gravel on Lap 11, telling the team: “Sorry for that, it’s so difficult to judge the car under braking,” before he crashed at Turn 4 on Lap 23, triggering a Safety Car.

What lap did Vettel crash in Germany?

On lap 46 Vettel mounted the kerb at the final corner and lost a small portion of his front wing. Then on lap 52, braking into turn 12, Vettel locked the rear brakes and went straight on into the barriers, taking himself out of the race, this caused a safety car so that they could recover Vettel’s car.

Who is better Vettel or Hamilton?

Hamilton has won seven championships while Vettel has managed just four. Hamilton has recorded 103 victories as compared to 53 by Vettel. The Brit has 182 podium finishes while Vettel has managed 122. Hamilton has amassed 4,554.5 points while the German has 3,283 points.

Are Hamilton and Verstappen friends?

Lewis Hamilton: There is ‘respect’ between me and Max Verstappen, but there are no friends on the track.