What do you mean by on wards?

a : a minor subject to wardship. b : a person who by reason of incapacity (such as minority or mental illness) is under the protection of a court either directly or through a guardian appointed by the court. — called also ward of court. c : a person or body of persons under the protection or tutelage of a government.

What is Ward example?

The definition of a ward is a wing of a hospital, a division of a prison, or a person, especially a child, who is dependent upon the care and support of an appointed guardian. An example of a ward is the children’s wing of the hospital. An example of ward is a child who is in foster care. noun.

Does ward mean child?

A ward or a ward of court is a child who is the responsibility of a person called a guardian, or of a court of law, because their parents are dead or because they are believed to be in need of protection.

What is a ward in a family?

Children who are in the custody of government departments, also known as foster care, become wards of the respective government entity, and in the US they are wards of the states in which they reside.

What is ward in social?

a person, usually a minor, under the care and control of a guardian appointed by their parents or a court.

What is a ward for kids?

Why are children called wards?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents. Sometimes children are known as “wards of the state,” meaning they have been taken from their homes.

What are wards called?

The name Ward is primarily a male name of English origin that means Guardian.

Can we use ward for child?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents.

Is ward same as child?

What is a family ward?

The Wards were farmers, librarians, soldiers, grocers, authors, politicians, quilters, speculators, and advertisers, but they were also a family with many connections. As the nation expanded, so did the Wards’ role in history. Many people, both local and distant, were affiliated with the family over the years.

What is meant by ward in school?

adverb. Towards or in the direction of a school or towards education; to school.