What does 78A mean on rollerblade wheels?

78A (Multi-Surface) – Wheels with this rating are considered “multi-surface” because they provide enough hardness for use on (sealed) cement and wood surfaces. 78As provide enough grip on smooth indoor surfaces, especially for heavier players in the 190 to 250-lb range.

What does 85A mean on rollerblade wheels?

Aggressive skate wheels are small and very hard (42 – 72mm, 88 / 90A), recreational and fitness wheels are large and medium hardness (70mm – 90mm, 78 – 84A), speed skates are very large and medium hardness (90 – 100mm, 78 – 85A), and hockey skates are medium and relatively soft (72 – 80mm, 72 – 74 A).

What does 90A mean on rollerblade wheels?

A softer wheel ranging between 78A-90A works best on concrete, asphalt, and uncoated slippery surfaces. Softer wheels are more suitable for beginners as they offer better grip on the skating surface. Harder wheels work better for coated indoor surfaces. They offer more speed and slide freely on tight floors.

What type of roller skate wheels are best?

In general, narrow wheels are less bulky and make manoeuvring easier, so they are used in artistic and rhythm skating. Wide wheels add stability during cornering because they have a better grip, so they are great for speed and jam skating. For regular indoor skating, however, a medium wheel is fine.

Are 82a wheels good for indoors?

These wheels are suitable for various fields, both outdoor and indoor. The durable and strong PU allows these wheels to absorb the impact on the surface and roll over most small debris.

Are 80A wheels good for outdoors?

Great for speed skating, roller derby or serious recreational skating, its an awesome wheel. It comes in a variety of wheel hardness including 80A,85A, 88A, 92A, 97A or 101A. With the 80A-88A, you could even wear these outdoors.

Are 78A wheels good for outdoors?

78A (really soft): Super grippy, used almost exclusively outdoors. 84A (soft): Hybrid (indoor/outdoor) wheels are usually 84A. They are great for really slippery floors and can be used outdoors. Often a good choice for your first wheels since they are grippy, affordable and versatile.

Are 99a wheels soft?

These wheels have a hardness (durometer) of 99a, making them incredibly hard, solid wheels. This is the most common durometer found in skateboard wheels used for shortboards.

What does 99a mean on wheels?

96a-99a. Nice speed and grip– an all-around good wheel. Great for beginners skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces. 101a + Hardest and fastest wheel with the least grip.

What are 85A wheels good for?

85A until 88A. Hard wheels offer a skating comfort which is not that high but give a direct skating feeling, slightly higher speeds and less scuffing. Durability is especially important for aggressive skating – therefore, hard wheels are preferred.

What size wheels come in Rollerblade RB?

Rollerblade RB Inline Skate Wheels with Bearings. Sizes: 72, 76, 80, 84 or 90mm. Type: Recreational. Hardness: 80A, 82A or 84A. Replacing wheels is fast, easy and affordable with pre-assembled 8pks from Rollerblade that includes bearings, spacers and a wheel carrier.

What are the best wheels for rollerblading?

The best rollerblade wheels are the Rollerblade Hydrogen’s as they provide fantastic durability and have wider profile adding stability and control whilst skating. In this article contains recommendations on the best inline wheels for rollerbladers today.

What is the difference between roller skates and rollerblades?

The most important and instantly noticeable difference between roller skates/quad skates/quads and rollerblades/inline skates is that quads have four wheels arranged in a 2 x 2 style — two wheels at the front and two at the back — while rollerblades have 2-5 wheels mounted linearly onto a frame. In this post, though, the focus is on roller skates.

What are the best outdoor roller skate wheels for the money?

Atom Skates Pulse 65mm 78A Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels (Top Pick) 2. Sure-Grip Boardwalk 65mm 78A Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels (Most Durable) 3. Sure-Grip Outdoor Aerobic Roller Skating Wheels 85A 62mm x 38mm (A Good Hybrid Option) 4. Bont Glow Outdoor Recreation Roller Skates (Budget Pick for Evening Skating) 5.