What does C mean on Racing Post?

previous course winner
C – previous course winner. C – co-favourite of 3 + CD – previous course and distance winner. D – previous distance winner.

How good are Racing Post ratings?

Racing Post Ratings (RPR) are based on a horse’s racing ability in relation to the weight carried i.e. if horse X beats horse Y carrying the same weight then it is awarded a higher rating. The ratings are expressed in pounds (lb) so a horse rated 140 is regarded as 10lb better than one rated 130.

How good is Shishkin?

Url copied to clipboard. Shishkin has earned a provisional Timeform rating of 181p following his thrilling victory over Energumene in the Clarence House Chase, making him the highest-rated horse in training.

What does BD mean on Racing Post?

R – indicates a horse refused. BD – indicates the horse was brought down by another runner. U or UR – indicates that the horse unseated its jockey.

What does F stand for in horse racing?

Form (horse racing)

1-9 The position the horse finished in a race
F Fell
S Slipped Up
R Refusal
B Brought down

How are race horses ranked?

The BHA have a ratings system in place for Flat and National Hunt races, which evaluates a horse based on its past performances. So, if a horse wins then its rating will rise, while a string of poor results will see it fall. Individual races are set a rating, in order to bunch together horses of similar standard.

Who owns the horse put the kettle on?

Put The Kettle On
Owner One For Luck Racing Syndicate
Trainer Henry De Bromhead
Record 16: 9-2-4
Earnings £422,247

Which horses does Tony Bloom own?


Horses Rides Win prize
Librisa Breeze 10 £552,931
Penhill 8 £286,537
Gabbiano 29 £9,380
Titus Gent 14 £8,637

What does M mean in horse racing odds?

Gambling. March 29th, 2014 by David Hill. Of all the modern-day anachronisms one can find at the race track, the morning-line odds deserve a place near the top of the list. The morning-line odds are the odds printed in the program or in the newspaper alongside the entries in the race.

What does NK mean in horse racing?


Margin Abbreviation
Nose ns
Head hd
Neck nk
Half a length 1/2

What is the Racing Post?

Launched on 15 April 1986, the Racing Post is a daily national print and digital publisher specialising British horseracing industry and horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting.

Are Racing Post ratings worth the paper they are written on?

I have read a number of articles in which the authors have questioned the usefulness of Racing Post Ratings to punters, some have suggested that they a barely worth the paper that they are written on.

What do the horse racing ratings mean?

Quite simply they are score based on past form of the horse and are meant to give some indication of the best horses in the race. All fine and dandy but one thing I have never seen printed in the racing post is any information as to whether these ratings are any good or not.

Who is the current editor of the Racing Post?

Alan Byrne edited the paper from 1993 to 2002. He was succeeded by Chris Smith, who was then replaced by Bruce Millington in 2007. Millington was editor between 2007 and 2018. In December 2018, Tom Kerr was named as the new editor of the Racing Post and Group Racing Director, replacing Bruce Millington.