What does Ctrl Alt C do in FL Studio?

Shortcuts by Window

Keys/Action Channel Rack & Step Sequencer
Alt+Z Zip selected Channel/s
Ctrl+Alt+R Force restretch of all Audio Clip Channels
Ctrl+Enter Focus Playlist
Ctrl+C Copy Channel Steps/Score

What does Ctrl V do in FL Studio?

Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V Use Ctrl + C to copy your selection to the clipboard, and use Ctrl + V to paste the selection at the marker. These shortcuts will probably be some of your most used when you need to quickly apply notes in the Piano roll.

How do you slide notes in FL Studio?

If you are looking to slide notes within FL Studio, you have three main options. You can either use the slide note feature from within the piano roll, use a slide feature built into a VST, or create slides via pitch automation.

What does N do in FL Studio?

FL Studio is one of the most popular music production tools, used by professionals and amateurs alike to record, edit, and produce tunes….FL Studio Windows and Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.

File Menu
Ctrl + O Cmd + O Open file
Ctrl + S Cmd + S Save file
Ctrl + N Cmd + N Save new version

How do you use Alt K in FL Studio?

Press “alt+k”, to access the “limit” tool, and double click “c5” or whichever note triggers your kick on the keyboard that appears.

How do you zoom out on FL Studio piano roll?

Right-Click the icon to open a menu of quick zoom options:

  1. Zoom in/ Zoom out (Page up / Page down) – Zoom centers on the Cursor position.
  2. Quick-zoom 1, 2 & 3 (Shift+1, 2, 3) – Three handy zoom levels.
  3. Zoom out far (Shift+4) – Minimum horizontal zoom.
  4. On Selection (Shift+5 – Zoom to time-line selection.

How do you slide on a piano?

Take your thumb on your right hand and press it against your pointer and middle finger. You will notice that it almost forms a circle if you turn your hand. What is this? Once you do this, turn your nail down to the keys and place it on top of a key.

How do you zoom in on FL Studio?

FL Studio Zoom Shortcuts

  1. Zoom in – PgUp.
  2. Zoom out – PgDn.
  3. Quick zoom 1 – Shift + 1.
  4. Quick zoom 2 – Shift + 2.
  5. Quick zoom 3 – Shift + 3.

How do you transpose a piano roll in FL Studio?

Transpose up (Shift+Up-arrow) – Transposes notes one semi-tone up. Transpose down (Shift+Down-arrow) – Transposes notes one semi-tone down. Transpose one octave up (Ctrl+Up-arrow) – Transposes notes one octave up. Transpose one octave down (Ctrl+Down-arrow) – Transposes notes one octave down.