What does DPA stand for in Germany?

Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (dpa) is a German news agency founded in 1949.

Who is dpa International?

dpa international As the biggest German news agency and one of the most important independent news agencies worldwide, dpa stands for reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive news coverage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The editorial team is led out of Berlin by Helen Maguire.

Which is the German news agency?

Deutsche-Presse Agentur
Germany since 1949 has built Deutsche-Presse Agentur into one of the more important news agencies in Europe, including extensive exchange with other national services.

Whats DPS mean?

damage per second
DPS is an acronym that means damage per second in multiplayer online gaming. It’s used both as a noun (a weapon type, class, or a character capable of massive damage) and as an adjective to describe a weapon’s capability.

What is the main German news channel?

Das Erste. Das Erste is Germany’s first public channel. As well as news, some of its most popular shows are Tatort, a crime series, Sandmännchen, a children’s programme, soap operas including Marienhof and Lindenstraße and some sports events.

How do Germans get news?

News portals from Germany

  1. Bild.de. The BILD newspaper published by the Axel-Springer Publishing Company is Germany’s largest and most popular tabloid.
  3. Deutsche Welle.
  4. FAZ.NET.
  5. FOCUS Online.
  6. Frankfurter Rundschau online.
  7. heute.de.

What does I love DP mean?

The Internet acronym “DP” is used to describe the phrase “display picture.” The term refers to people’s profile pictures on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, so on. Example: “Aw, you DP is so cute. I love it.” (“Your profile picture is so cute.”) “Love this pic of you.

What does DP mean in social media?

display picture
Display Pictures DP means “display picture” or, less commonly, “display photo.” It’s the image representing you on a social network or any website.

What is a DPO?

The primary role of the data protection officer (DPO) is to ensure that her organisation processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules.

How does a DPA work?

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