What does GTS stand for in Holden?

GTS (top performance model) Senator Signature (entry luxury model based on Calais) Senator Signature wagon. Grange (top luxury model based on Caprice) Maloo (VS series based utility)

How much is a HSV Gen F GTS?

HSV GTS Models Price and Specs Starting at $55,400 and going to $74,030 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below.

How much horsepower does a HSV GTS have?

The GTS features a 6.2 litre Supercharged LSA engine which provides a staggering 430kW of power and 740Nm of torque (DIN).

What was the first HSV?

1988 – The first ‘HSV’ The VL Calais-based SV88 becomes the first HSV-badged car, its carburetted V8 putting out 136kW and 355Nm. HSV also produces its first hot hatch, the SV1800, based on the Astra which was a worked and rebadged Nissan N13 Pulsar.

What does GTS car mean?

Gran Turismo Sport
As you may or may not know, GTS stands for “Gran Turismo Sport” or, in other words, the highest performance (not to be confused with race) focused street version of the car that bears the nomenclature. From there, the GT cars (GT2, GT3, GT4) take it all to another level, but not without some compromise.

How much is a ve GTS worth?

HSV GTS Pricing and Specs The HSV GTS is available from $55,400 to $74,030 for the 2017 Sedan across a range of models.

How fast is a HSV GTS?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 329 km/h / 204 mph

How many VE GTS were built?

After 25 years, 12,012 units of various GTSs were built, with the last series of GTS being the most powerful by far. HSV marketing and product planning manager Damon Paull told MOTOR that the GTS was arguably the cornerstone of HSV’s success.

Does HSV exist?

Holden Special Vehicles reaches the end of the line with last Colorado SportsCat. EXCLUSIVE – A white HSV Colorado SportsCat SV has become the last vehicle to wear the Holden Special Vehicles badge.

How many Holden Maloos were made?

So what makes this Commodore ute so valuable? Rarity, for one. Just four of these W1 Maloo vehicles were ever made, and were never made public.

Whats the difference between the 86 GT and GTS?

There are two levels of equipment in the 86 – GT and GTS – and the obvious mechanical differences are bigger ventilated brakes and wheels not the GTS, as well as satnav, split auto zircon and better seat trim in the cabin, with a strip of LED daytime running lights to tell the world – and GT buyers – that you have the …

Is the HSV Gen-F GTS the most powerful road car Australia has ever made?

HSV has decided to do things a bit differently with the new Gen-F GTS. Its walked right up to Ford, pointed out the FPV GT, and then given it a KO punch straight in the face. This colossal creation by HSV trumps FPV’s very potent GT and its 335kW by almost 100kW, making it quite easily the most powerful road car Australia has ever made.

What kind of engine does a Mercedes Benz GTs have?

The GTS version is powered by a 6.2-liter Supercharged LSA V-8 engine that delivers a total of 430 kW (576 horsepower) and 740 Nm (545 pound-feet) of torque. To help keep this powerful engine cool, HSV installed a stacked-plate oil cooler and applied 130,000 square-mm of frontal air-intake area.

Is there a comparison between the GTS and FPV?

As for comparisons, as much as we would love to do an in-depth test between the GTS and FPV it’s just not possible to secure both vehicles; the media test vehicles are under a tight schedule and other magazines/publications all have bookings. The cars also have to be used for other promo events/shows and so on.

What makes the HSV GTS so special?

HSV has a knack for making awesome seats, and the GTS proves it once again. They’re partially covered in leather and grippy Alcantara. Hunkering down in the driver’s seat makes you feel warm and fuzzy, especially as you anticipate firing over that heart-throbbing Chevrolet LSA engine.