What does it mean to cut apron strings?

Definition of cut the apron strings : to stop providing support The company has relied on government support, but the government is now threatening to cut the apron strings.

When you’re tied to your mother’s apron strings it means that you are being?

If you say that someone, especially a man, is tied to his mother’s/wife’s apron strings, it means that he is strongly influenced and controlled by that person.

Where does the term cut the apron strings come from?

apron strings, tied to one’s mother’s traditional phrase, meaning that a person who should be grown up is still subject to their mother’s dominance; from the mid 16th century, an apron string as the fastening of an apron has been used to symbolize the role of the mistress of a household.

What does it mean cut the cord?

Cord-cutting: The process of cancelling a cable or satellite subscription and getting TV shows and movies by other means.

What are the different types of aprons?

Types of aprons

  • Bib aprons (full aprons, chef aprons, hospitality aprons) There’s almost no chance you’ve never laid eyes on a bib apron.
  • Crossback aprons (pinafore aprons)
  • Cobbler aprons (smock apron, apron vest)
  • Waist aprons (half aprons, server aprons)
  • Bistro aprons.
  • Coverage.
  • Comfort.
  • Durability and ease of cleaning.

What does cut the apron strings mean?

cut the apron strings To lessen the extent to which someone controls, influences, or monitors someone else, especially parents in relation to their children. Mothers these days are so fussy about their kids, having to know where they are at every second of the day.

Is Carmel about to cut the apron strings on her son?

“Carmel isn’t quite ready to cut the apron stringsattached to her son – even if it means clashing spectacularly with a prickly Shabnam.” Bonnie Walford; Former child star to join Enders

Is Geoff Cook ready to cut the apron strings?

WHEN the dream of first-class cricket became reality at Durham, on April 12 1992, Geoff Cook thought he had cut the apron strings. “Gocompare.com is my baby and I’m certainly not ready to cut the apron strings just yet.

What does it mean to wear an apron over your clothes?

This is an old saying from back in the day when your mother would wear an apron over her clothing to protect her dress from food splatter in the kitchen. The apron strings were what was tied in the back. A young child might hold onto whatever it could reach (so the apron strings).