What does Red Square with two pink lines mean?

marriage equality
You may have wondered at the logo showing up all over Facebook — a red square with two pink horizontal lines and folks changing their profile photos to this symbol that stands for marriage equality.

Why does Facebook have pink lines?

May 9 is Mother’s Day, and the company likely decided to change the like button to be pink to reflect this upcoming holiday. Flowers are a traditional gift to get the women in one’s life for Mother’s Day, which likely explains the pink flower behind the thumbs up symbol.

What is red circle with line through it on Facebook?

This red circle with a slash is clear. It means “not allowed!” This no pedestrians sign shows that it is not a safe place to walk!

What is the pink like button on Facebook?

Clicking the like button shares the post on Facebook without giving you a chance to add a message — unless the button is linked to a brand page, in which case clicking it means you will now see future stories from that publisher in the News Feed.

What is the new like button on Facebook?

The like button is a feature of social networking service Facebook, where users can like content such as status updates, comments, photos and videos, links shared by friends, and advertisements. The feature was activated February 9, 2009.

What does a red line through a red circle mean?

A red circle with a red line through it always means NO. The picture inside the circle shows what you cannot do. The sign may be shown with or without words under it.

What does a circle with a line mean?

The symbol for diameter (⌀), U+2300 in Unicode.

What is the pink like on Facebook?

– Facebook has turned its “like” button pink for users in the U.S. The online social media and social networking service has not publicly said why, but Newsweek confirmed that Facebook changed the button for Mother’s Day.

What does a red circle mean on Facebook?

Many of you have seen the newest display of solidarity going around Facebook. Turning your profile photo red, or posting a blank red photo to drive awareness of the lost work facing the event, music and film industries. It’s often accompanied by the below statement… Screenshot from.

What are the color of regulatory signs?

Regulatory signs generally have a white background.

What symbol is a circle with a vertical line through it?

Phi (/faɪ/; uppercase Φ, lowercase φ or ϕ; Ancient Greek: ϕεῖ pheî [pʰéî̯]; Modern Greek: φι fi [fi]) is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. In Archaic and Classical Greek (c.