What does Solmelu mean?

Thank you. solmelu (Tulu) Nanne/danya vaada (Kannada). ( ) You’re welcome.

How do you say happy birthday in Tulu?

Wish you a happy birthday-ereg puttudina dinatha yeddepu.

How do you say beautiful in Tulu?

Before going to other tenses, I am going to start a different part of the Tulu language….Tulu Lesson 13: Adjectives – Part 1.

Tulu Kannada English
porlu/shOku chanda Beautiful
malla doDDa Big
elya saNNa / chikka Small
mast tumbA Very much, a lot

How do you say crazy in Tulu?

  1. Marl lakka malpodchi.
  2. Marl lakka- means ‘mad like’. malpodchi means ‘don’t do’
  3. In short, ‘don’t act like mad’

How do you say no problem in Tulu?

I think I covered all the grammar lessons in Tulu. If I missed anything please let me know….Tulu Lesson 41: Useful Phrases in Tulu.

English Tulu Kannada
No problem / It’s OK mallejji / tondarae ijji paravAgilla / tondare illa

How do you say hello in Mangalore?

Also, please give me your feedbacks on the lessons….Tulu Lesson 41: Useful Phrases in Tulu.

English Tulu Kannada
Hi/Hello namaskAra/namastE/solmelu namaskAra/namastE
Welcome svAgata svAgata
Thank you solmelu dhanyavAdagaLu
Thank you (When someone helped you) upakAra AND upakAra Aytu

How do you say Happy birthday in 100 languages?

Whether you’re writing a birthday speech or simply want to express your birthday wishes for someone, it’s fun to know how to say “happy birthday” in different languages….How to Say “Happy Birthday” in 100 Different Languages.

Language How to Say “Happy Birthday”
French Joyeux anniversaire!
Galician Feliz Aniversario!

Is Tulu and Kannada same?

Tulu is often misrepresented as a dialect of Kannada, even though it has its distinct features like Kannada and Malayalam, says AS Bhandary, president of Tulu Sahithya Academy.

Is Beary a language?

Beary or Byari (ಬ್ಯಾರಿ ಬಾಸೆ Byāri Bāse) is a Dravidian language spoken by the Muslim communities mainly of Karnataka (Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts) and extreme northern end of Kerala like Manjeshwaram, Kunjathur, Uppala, Hosangadi of Kasaragod district (Byaris).