What does St mean on trailer tires?

Special Tire
Tires on boat trailers have to be ST tires which stands for Special Tire. ST tires are designed specifically for boat, car and utility trailers. They are built to carry heavy loads on non-powered axles and are rated for a maximum speed of 65mph.

Is D or R better for trailer tires?

A radial tire flexes more than a bias tire, giving it better ground contact, traction, stability, and tread wear. A radial tire will normally run cooler than a bias ply tire, especially when the tire is under a load. A tire that runs cooler will last longer. For those reasons I would recommend an R tire over a D tire.

What is the difference between 175 and 185 on a trailer tire?

The 185 would have a diameter of 24.65 inches while the 175 would have a diameter of 24.02 inches. The section width, or thickness of the tires differs is slightly more noticeable. The 185 would be 7.28 inches wide while the 175 is 6.89 inches wide.

Can you put different size tires on a trailer?

An important point of consideration is when using two different size tires, the load has to be no more than the capacity of the lowest rated tire. With this substantial difference with both weight capacities and inflation levels, the chances of inadvertently overloading on the smaller side tire is quite possible.

Are ST tires better than LT?

Because of the heavier construction for an equal volume of air space, an ST tire is designated to carry more load than a P or LT tire.” On top of the internal differences, the rubber used in ST tires typically has more chemicals that resist aging and UV rays.

Should I inflate trailer tires to max psi?

When it comes to trailer tires you always want to have them inflated to their max psi when cold. Not only do you get the full capacity at the max psi, you also will generate less heat in the tire since there won’t be as much flex in the sidewall, you’ll get better wear and better fuel mileage.

What is the difference between R13 and D13 tires?

Yes, you can run a 175/80-R13 tire on a trailer that came with a 175/80-D13 tire. The only difference between the two is that “R” stands for radial ply and “D” stands for diagonal. For a replacement 175/80-R13 tire, I recommend the Karrier Radial Trailer Tire part # AM10210. Kenda tires are a top of the line option.

How long do radial trailer tires last?

Each tire manufacturer will likely have different recommendations on the service life of a particular type of tire, but statistics suggest the average life of a trailer tire is about five years under normal use and maintenance conditions, and that tire replacement should be considered after three years, even if the …

What does the 185 mean on tires?

The 185 indicates this tire is 185 millimeters across from the widest point of its outer sidewall to the widest point of its inner sidewall when mounted and measured on a specified width wheel.

What does ST175 mean on a tire?

Load range C tires have a ply rating of 6, and load range D tires have a ply rating of 8. Load range D tires are bit heavier built and have a higher weight capacity. The ST175/80D13 tire you were looking at is load range D and can bear 1,610 pounds at 65 psi.

Why do trailer tires wear out so fast?

That said, rapid or significantly uneven trailer tire wear can be caused by: Riding with the wrong tire pressure. Exceeding your tires’ load capacity. Trailer misalignment or bent wheels from hitting curbs, potholes or debris.

Are trailer axles supposed to flex?

Expert Reply: While trailer axles do feature an upward bend like you are describing, there isn’t a particular amount/measurement that is standard across the board. This bend in the axle is designed so that it will straighten under a trailer’s loaded capacity.