What does Vos mean on Gibson guitars?

Vintage Original Spec
VOS stands for “Vintage Original Spec,” and is not a product designation Gibson uses lightly. With the Historic 1957 Les Paul Custom VOS, the goal was to re-create the experience of playing a classic golden-era Gibson.

When did Gibson introduce vos?

The Vintage Original Spec line (VOS) best exemplifies the Custom Shop’s unyielding dedication to historical accuracy. The line, launched in 2006, to date has released 17 Les Paul and SG models. Each guitar features solid mahogany backs and long neck tenons to reproduce the sound and sustain of the vintage instruments.

What are Gibson SGS good for?

It’s made of lightweight tonewoods, and its pointy horns afford easier access to higher frets; this is why an SG is a perfect guitar for solo guitar players while its decently sized frets make it an excellent choice for rhythm players.

What does SG mean on Gibson?

Solid Guitar
Gibson also honored Les Paul’s request to remove his name from the guitar, and the new model was renamed “SG”, which stood for “Solid Guitar”. Les Paul’s name was officially removed in 1963, but the SG continued to feature Les Paul nameplates and truss rod covers until the end of 1963.

What is Gibson VOS finish?

What is the Gibson VOS finish? Gibson’s VOS finish uses several hand-sprayed layers of genuine nitrocellulose lacquer, followed by a proprietary hand buffing to give their Vintage Original Spec guitars a glowing, gently-aged patina that can be seen as well as felt.

What is finish checking on guitars?

A crack in a guitar or bass’s finish. Checking can result when the temperature changes. As the temperature increases or decreases, the instrument’s wooden body and neck expand or contract at a different rate than its finish, causing the finish to crack. See also “checking.”

What does VOS finish mean?

Vintage Original Specifications
finishing process was developed by master luthier Tom Murphy. “V.O.S.” stands for “Vintage Original Specifications”, although this designation actually has nothing to do with specifications beyond the finish.

Are Epiphones as good as Gibson?

If you picked up a US-made Gibson and compared it to an Epiphone then you would probably notice a difference. The quality, setup and finish on a Gibson will almost always be superior. However, today’s mass-produced guitars are far better than those made a few decades ago.

What is the difference between an SG and a Les Paul?

The biggest and most noticeable difference between a Les Paul and SG is the physical size of the instruments. Les Pauls are typically heavy guitars and most weigh more than a typical SG. The SG has a slimmer body shape, and doesn’t have the maple cap that a Les Paul typically has.

Where are Gibson SG standards made?

Immortalized by Santana at Woodstock and smashed onstage by Townshend, the Gibson SG Standard is a rock icon. Gibson’s Nashville-made SG Standard is the real deal, arming you with a pair of toneful humbuckers, a rounded-profile neck, and a silky Plek’d rosewood fretboard with action that’s almost nonexistent.

How does Gibson finish their guitars?

Gibson instruments are finished with several coats of a high-quality nitro-cellulose lacquer. This finish is hand-buffed to a high-gloss, mirror-like surface. Unlike other less expensive finishes, nitro-cellulose does not detract from the tone of the instrument and ages beautifully.