What does whoonga do to your body?

The most common long term effects are scarred, collapsed and infected veins, damaged heart valves, abscesses and other tissue infections, liver failure, kidney disease and lung problems. Sharing of needles result in hepatitis, AIDS and other transmitted diseases. Mental defects and psychoses are fairly common.

What are the effects of Nyaope?

The effects of nyaope include euphoria, rush and a sense of warmth. It is said that people around the individual who is using or addicted to the drug face different challenges. For example people living with the person using the drug also suffer emotional effects, such as disharmony, stress and depression.

What Nyaope looks like?

Nyaope is primarily made up of low-grade heroin. It appears as a white or brown powder that is smoked with marijuana or, as the addiction progresses, it is injected intravenously. The associated pain and fear of withdrawal keep the user in a constant state of use (a cycle).

What Colour is nyaope?

whitish powder
Nyaope is a whitish powder – low-grade heroin mixed with ingredients such as rat poison and sometimes even crushed-up medicine for people with HIV.

What is nyaope in English?

noun slang. a narcotic substance, typically comprising heroin, marijuana, and other substances, smoked as a recreational drug in some parts of South Africa.

Why is whoonga so addictive?

Whoonga is highly addictive and a user can become addicted even after only using it once. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug are severe body pains, which include severe headaches, stomach pains and muscle spasms. This leads to users taking more of the drug because the heroin provides temporary ‘relief’ from the pain.

What can Mandrax do to you?

Mandrax is extremely addictive and can become dangerous when mixed with other substances. Side effects include dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, chills and diarrhoea. There have been instances where an overdose of the drug has resulted in delirium, convulsions and even death.

What is Mandrax used for?

When used on its own, Mandrax is a CNS depressant employed to reduce stress and anxiety. It is not uncommon for individuals to increase usage in order to achieve the same effects as before, which is an indicator of an addiction developing.