What does Worthington industries do?

Worthington Industries is a global, diversified, metals manufacturing company. For 60 years, we have been North America’s premier, value-added steel processor, providing customers with wide ranging capabilities, products and services for a variety of markets including automotive, construction and agriculture.

Who owns Worthington Industries?

In 1996, John McConnell’s son, also named John, took over as chairman and CEO. He had worked for the company more than 20 years; he started as a general laborer and later advanced to sales, operations and personnel.

Who is the CEO of Worthington Industries?

B. Andrew Rose (Sep 1, 2020–)Worthington Industries / CEO

How many people work at Worthington Industries?

Worthington Industries is a leading global diversified metals manufacturing company founded in Columbus 1955 when founder John H. McConnell saw an untapped niche in the steel industry. Now, with 10,000 employees in 12 countries, we touch many markets with our products and services.

How big is Worthington Industries?

Worthington Industries is the only manufacturer of disposable 1lb propane cylinders in North America….Worthington Industries.

Type Public company
Revenue $3.759 billion (FY 2019)
Net income $153 million (FY 2019)
Total assets $2.510 billion (FY 2019)
Total equity $948 million (FY 2019)

Are Worthington propane tanks made in USA?

The tank construction, valve, and welds appear to be of standard industry construction and made in the USA.

How old is John Mcconnell?

He was 84. He died at Riverside Methodist Hospital of complications from cancer, said Cathy M.

When was Worthington Industries founded?

1955Worthington Industries / Founded
In 1955, a young steel salesman named John McConnell saw an opportunity for custom-processed steel—and he took it. He purchased his first load of steel by borrowing $600 against his 1952 Oldsmobile. With this money, he founded Worthington Industries in Columbus, Ohio – which remains the company’s global headquarters.

Where are Worthington propane tanks manufactured?

Columbus, Ohio
The Columbus, Ohio-based company is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and a leader in manufactured products such as automotive aftermarket stampings, pressure cylinders, metal framing, metal ceiling grid systems and laser-welded blanks.

Are Worthington propane tanks purged?

According to the interwebs, tanks come pressure filled with 100psi and must be purged of air and moisture before filling.

Who owns the Columbus Blue Jackets?

John P. McConnellColumbus Blue Jackets / Owner

Who is John McConnell?

John P. McConnell is the executive chairman at Worthington Industries, a Columbus, Ohio-based steel processor and producer. He stepped down as CEO in September 2020, after leading the company for 27 years. Worthington Industries was founded in 1955 by McConnell’s father John H.