What episode of Castle is called knockout?

Knockout is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of Castle, and the season finale.

What happens in Season 3 episode 24 of Castle?

Montgomery kills the three men and Lockwood, but not before Hal shoots and kills him. At Montgomery’s funeral, Kate is shot and Castle admits he loves her as she lays in his arms.

Who shot Kate Beckett?

Cole Maddox
In the season four finale “Always”, Cole Maddox, the man who shot Beckett in the season three finale, returns and tries to find the “mysterious man” who is blackmailing his employer (the “dragon”).

What happens to Lockwood on Castle?

Hal Lockwood was a professional hit man who worked for the man who ordered the murder of Johanna Beckett. He was captured by Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, but later escaped and is killed by Roy Montgomery, whom he had already fatally wounded.

What happened to Senator Bracken on Castle?

When Bracken found out, he had Johanna and her entire team murdered to keep his corruption concealed from the public. However, this ultimately put Bracken on a collision course with the person who would become his most dangerous enemy: Johanna’s daughter Kate Beckett.

How old is Castle and Beckett?

In “Castle: Rise (2011)”, it is mentioned Beckett is 31; since episodes appear to be set in the year in which they aired, it can be assumed she was born in 1980. And in “Castle: Always (2012)”, Beckett visits her mother’s grave, the headstone of which reads that she died in 1999.

What happened to Captain Montgomery on Castle?

He made a deal with Senator Bracken, keeping Beckett from making progress on the case in exchange for Bracken letting her live. When this failed, he died to protect her from Hal Lockwood (“Knockout”).

What happens to Montgomery on Castle?

Why does Beckett have elephants on her desk?

Memento MacGuffin: The elephant statue on Beckett’s desk that belonged to her mother Johanna. Beckett discovered that her mother had stored a microcassette tape in the base of the statue, with the evidence she had collected against Senator Bracken.