What filter is best for discus fish?

Canister filters are a top choice for Discus aquariums because they can be filled with a range of media to create optimal water conditions. Also, to help prevent the loss of Discus young, a sponge pre-filter should be placed on the canister filter intake.

What is the minimum tank size for discus fish?

Most discus in the common aquarium max out at 4.5-6 inches. Based on this size range, the minimum tank size would be a 55 gallon tank, but the bigger the better for these guys. 3-5 discus should be doable in a 55gal aquarium as long as water changes are kept up with.

What size tank do I need for 2 discus?

What Size Tank Does Discus Need? As these fish need to be in schools of at least 5, a 50-gallon tank is the smallest tank they will thrive in. They prefer larger tanks, and upwards of 100 gallons means there will be less drastic changes in water conditions and they will have the space they desire.

What is the maximum temperature for discus fish?

Symphysodon haraldi, the Blue or Brown Discus, lives in a water average at 28.8°C/83.8°F The highest temperature I ever recorded was 32.4°C/90.3°F and the lowest was 23.5°C/74.3°F. It is the most tolerant, as regards water parameters and temperatures, of all three species.

How do you set up a discus tank?

The tank should typically be placed between 1 and 1.2 meters above the ground. Placing the tank to high up has been to known to alter the behavior of the discus fish, and properly placing the tank provides a sense of security for the fish that will only benefit in the long run.

What is an anoxic filter?

The anoxic filtration system Figure 1 shows a typical anoxic filtration pond without the plants. It is simply a shallow pond, around 600 mm (24 inches) deep, with water being pumped into one end and overflowing by gravity back to the main pond at the other. Figure 1. A typical anoxic pond without the plants.

What size discus should I buy?

It is important for keeper’s to remember that Discus are social fish and enjoy being a part of a group. However, with that in mind, up to 3-5 Discus thrive in a 50-60-gallon tank….Choose Your Preferred Size of Fish.

Age of Fish Size in Inches
9 Months 4.5”
12 Months 5.5”
18 Months 6”
24 Months 6.5”+

Can you keep discus in a 40 gallon tank?

4 fish would do ok in that. I personally wouldn’t keep any less than 4 in anything less than a 55G. If the tank was totally bare, I would keep 6 in a 55G. A 75G planted with 6 discus in it would be a good start…

How many discus is 150 gallons?

Your tank even if planted, can eventually, & safely accommodate 12 to 15 good-sized discus, particularly if you don’t have a ‘multitude’ of other dither fish.

Can you keep 3 discus together?

Keeping just 2 or 3 often results in 1 or 2 of them being badly mistreated, by 1 or 2 others, which produces a lot of stress and may well result in a fatality. If your tank is not large enough (min. around 55 gals), don’t attempt to keep less than 5 discus, or you’re asking for trouble.

What is the best TDS for discus fish?

Discus fish water hardness and tds Discus fare best in soft water, 1° to 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). This is the range in which they live in the Amazon waters of South America. What should be tds in discus fish tank? tds should be lower than 300 and lower for a breeding tank (soften the water with RO system).

Can discus live in 78 degrees?

“Do not keep your discus in water under 85 degrees or THEY WILL DIE!” He must have accidentally sent me an arctic discus species, because even at 78 degrees, they’re completely fine. Quite a number of folks have breed them at 82F, clearly not too wimpy if they are breeding at such temps.