What genre is suicidal tendencies?

MetalSuicidal Tendencies / Genre

What font does the 1975 use?

new logo/font thing, font is called Suisse Intl : r/the1975.

Is Suicidal Tendencies thrash?

Suicidal Tendencies is an American crossover thrash band formed in 1980 in Venice, California, by vocalist Mike Muir, who is the only remaining original member of the band. Along with D.R.I., Corrosion of Conformity, and Stormtroopers of Death, they are often credited as one of “the fathers of crossover thrash”.

Is Suicidal Tendencies punk or metal?

punk rock
Suicidal Tendencies is of the most influential bands in heavy metal and punk rock history. For generations of listeners, it served as a gateway to hardcore and more extreme musical styles, thanks in no small part to the relatively high profile their roughly decade-long major-label run at Epic Records afforded them.

How old is Mike Muir?

59 years (March 14, 1963)Mike Muir / Age

Did Suicidal Tendencies sell out?

Suicidal Tendencies recorded the best-selling American punk-rock album of all time when its members were barely out of high-school, sold out the 5,500-seat Bren Events Center in Irvine, reportedly blew such bands as Slayer and Megadeth off the stage in Europe, was nominated for this year’s hard-rock Grammy . . . but …

What font is the killers logo?

That’s Bauhaus Medium, like this.

Is Suicidal Tendencies still together?

1996–present. After “about a year” away, Suicidal Tendencies reformed with a new lineup including Infectious Grooves members Dean Pleasants on lead guitar, Josh Paul on bass and Brooks Wackerman on drums, who joined returning members Mike Muir and Mike Clark.

Who is the new drummer for Suicidal Tendencies?


Name Years active Instruments
Dean Pleasants 1996–present lead guitar backing vocals
Dave Lombardo 2016–present drums
Roberto “Ra” Díaz bass backing vocals
Ben Weinman 2018–present rhythm guitar

Is Michael Muir married?

Muir is married and has three children. In early 2011 he returned to the United States after living in Queensland, Australia for a short period of time. His house was made over into a “horror house” on the Discovery Channel show Monster House.

Who’s the singer for suicidal tendencies?

Mike MuirSuicidal Tendencies / Singer

Is Dave Lombardo still in Suicidal Tendencies?

David Lombardo (born February 16, 1965) is a Cuban-American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of American thrash metal band Slayer. He is currently playing drums with Testament, Fantômas, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Cross, Mr….

Dave Lombardo
Labels American Recordings