What happened Jefferson Farfan?

Farfán suffered an injury to his left knee prior to Peru’s last-eight clash against Uruguay, ruling him out of the rest of the tournament. The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) confirmed the injury, with Farfán expected to be sidelined for 6 to 9 months.

Who is Farfan?

probably from farfán, a term denoting one of a group of Spaniards who went to Morocco in the 8th century; there they retained their Christian faith and in 1390 their descendants returned to Spain. in some cases, a habitational name from Farfán in Granada.

What club does Jefferson Farfan play for?

Alianza Lima#10 / Forward
Peru national football teamForward
Jefferson Farfán/Current teams

Why is Farfan not playing?

The ‘Foquita’ has not played since the 2021 final against Sporting Cristal. Nor does his injury allow him to be on the last double date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. Jefferson Farfan has a hard time in his career after not being able to be on the pitch due to the injury to his knee.

Why is Jefferson Farfan not playing for Peru?

Farfán completed his return to the Peruvian side last season after leaving Lokomotiv Moscow in August 2020 when his contract expired. Like Guerrero, Farfán had been struggling with injuries, missing 14 months of football from 2019 with knee issues.

What does the name Farfan mean?

The surname Farfan was first found in Northumberland where the name was derived from the Anglo Saxon words foegr and feax which collectively meant “fair-haired.” “The true ancient family of Fairfax is supposed to be of Saxon origin, and to have been seated at Torcester in Northumberland a the period of the Conquest.” …

How old is Guerrero Peru?

38 years (January 1, 1984)Paolo Guerrero / Age

Why is Farfan not in copa america?

“The Peruvian Football Federation regrets that the player Jefferson Farfan has suffered an injury to his left knee, which makes it impossible to continue participating in the Copa America Brazil 2019,” an FPF statement said.

Why is Jefferson Farfan not playing?