What happened to Barry Howard?

Death. Howard died from blood cancer, aged 78, on 28 April 2016, at his home in Poole, Dorset.

Who died from Hi-de-Hi?

His agent said in a statement, “the much-loved actor Barry Howard, best known for his exquisitely supercilious Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, the champion ballroom dancer in BBC’s hugely popular Hi-de-Hi, passed away today aged 78.”

What happened to Barry Stuart-Hargreaves?

Barry Howard, who was best known for playing Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in BBC holiday camp sitcom Hi-de-Hi!, has died aged 78. His agent told the BBC he had been suffering from blood cancer.

Why did Barry leave Hi De?

Barry left Yvonne and departed Maplins midway through the 1960 season, and it is unknown why he left or where he went. Throughout the series, several hints were made that Barry was actually gay (such as when Ted references his ineligibility for the armed forces), although this was never confirmed.

Who played Barry Stuart-Hargreaves?

Barry HowardBarry Stuart-Hargreaves / Played by

Where was Maplins holiday camp filmed?

Set in the fictional holiday camp of Maplins, the show, was partly filmed in the former Warners holiday park in Dovercourt. It was set during the fifties and sixties and written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, who also wrote Dad’s Army and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

Is Ted from Hi-de-Hi still alive?

He was known for his television work, in particular playing Ted Bovis in Hi-de-Hi!, a 1980s BBC sitcom….

Paul Shane
Born George Frederick Speight19 June 1940 Thrybergh, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Died 16 May 2013 (aged 72) Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England
Occupation Actor, comedian
Years active 1972–2013

Does Gladys marry Clive?

She immediately became attracted to Clive, and the two had an on-off relationship throughout the 1960 season. She eventually married Clive and moved to Australia with him at the end of the season.

Did Peggy ever become a yellow coat?

Peggy finally became a Yellowcoat in the final episode, when Dawn was hospitalised and they needed a replacement. After spending just one day as a Yellowcoat, she collapsed from nervous exhaustion and was admitted to hospital.

Did Peggy ever get her yellow coat?

Was the actor Barry Howard married?

The actor Barry Howard, who has died of cancer aged 78, was best known to TV viewers for his role in the BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi! as Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, who, with his wife, Yvonne, teaches ballroom dancing at Maplins holiday camp.

How old is Barry Howard?

78 years (1937–2016)Barry Howard / Age at death