What is a half face mask called?

Respirators that cover the nose and mouth are called half-mask respirators.

What is a half-mask used for?

Half-face respirators are air-purifying respirators that have the potential to provide protection from many types of dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, sprays, or vapors.

How do I know my half-mask size?

Measure from your chin to the bridge of your nose….Deciding on the size of half-face mask

  1. Less than 112 mm is a size S/M.
  2. From 112 mm – 125 mm is a size M/L.
  3. More than 125 mm is a size L/XL.

How long can you wear a half face mask?

Choose filters according to concentration and type of contaminant in each case. You should always put 2 filters to the respirator one on each side of it and should replace them after 40 hours of use.

What is the difference between nasal cannula and face mask?

A nasal cannula consists of a flexible tube that is placed under the nose. The tube includes two prongs that go inside the nostrils. A face mask covers the nose and mouth. Both methods of delivery attach to oxygen sources, which come in a variety of sizes.

What is a half mask filter?

Scope: A particle filtering half mask covers the nose and mouth and the chin and may have inhalation and/or exhalation valve(s). The half mask consists entirely or substantially of filter material or comprises a facepiece in which the main filter(s) form an inseparable part of the device.

How do you wear a half face respirator?

These respirators usually cover half of your face, and are sometimes called “disposable” respirators. In general, hold the respirator in your hand with the nosepiece near your fingertips. Place the mask over your nose and mouth, and hold with one hand. Using your other hand, pull the top strap over your ears.

How do you fit a half face respirator?

half facepiece respirator Place the respirator over your nose and mouth with bottom straps unfastened. Pull the top strap over your head, placing the head cradle on the crown of your head. Hook the bottom straps together behind your neck. Adjust strap tension to achieve a secure fit.

How do you measure yourself for a face mask?

Wearing the correct size mask for your face is essential for effective filtration and prolonged comfort. To find the best fit for your face, measure from the middle of your chin to the bridge of your nose. Then, measure from your left cheekbone to your right cheekbone.

What is the standard size of a face mask?

about 7” x 3.875” inches
For Mask Size Reference: Disposable surgical masks are about 7” x 3.875” inches (not expanded) and 7” x 7” inches (expanded).

Can I use the same face mask twice?

Yes you can use it again. Just wash your face mask carefully and let it try keep it in the pack again nd let it soak all the serum. Don’t use it again and again as it might catch germs.

What is the recommended wear time for a disposable and half face respirator?

Disposable half-mask respirators are uncomfortable to wear continuously for more than one hour. They can be made with Low efficiency (P1), Medium efficiency (P2) or High efficiency (P3) particle filters. R-marked types: as a practical measure, do not use for more than three days unless advised by the manufacturer.