What is a Leica DM LM microscope?

The Leica DM LM is a modern system microscope with a modular design that makes it equally suitable for simple routine examinations in materials science and for materials research tasks. It has many features which make the user´s daily workload decisively lighter and more convenient.

Why choose Leica dm2500&dm2500 LED microscopes?

For high-performance fluorescence imaging in cancer research, developmental biology, and other demanding life science applications, the Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED microscopes provides all the functions and high-quality of an advanced platform for those who prefer the full flexibility of the manually controlled microscope.

Why choose the Leica DM6 FS?

If you need a microscope system to support you in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, or in vivo imaging, the Leica DM6 FS fixed stage widefield microscope should be your first choice.

Why choose a Leica dfc9000 for slide examination?

Take full advantage of your sCMOS camera, for example the Leica DFC9000! The 19-mm field of view camera port perfectly fits the dimensions of common sCMOS sensors. Make your slide examination faster at the highest resolution. Choose the objective that best fits your application – from a range of more than 300 outstanding optics.

What is the Leica DM750 digital dermatology/pathology microscope?

The Leica DM750 digital dermatology / pathology microscope is a complete digital microscope system based around our best selling microscope model. This package includes the Leica DM750 configured with the Leica ICC50 W camera. The Leica ICC50 W camera fits between the head and body of the microscope, no need for a trinocular head.

Why choose the Leica DM IL led?

The Leica DM IL LED features a comprehensive set of contrast methods to monitor your specimen the way you need. High-quality Phase contrast, excellent modulation contrast and brilliant fluorescence are just one fingertip away.

What are the components of the Leica DM LS stand?

The DM LS stand offers a universal power supply 115V/230V 50/60 hz, Koehler illumination system, 30 Watts transmitted light illumination, coaxial focus controls and a Right or Left handed stage control to suit your preferences. Please Note: Additional components for this Leica binocular microscope are available.