What is a line of duty injury?

A Line of Duty (LOD) determination is an administrative tool for determining a member’s duty status at the time an injury, illness, disability, or death is incurred. On the basis of the LOD determination, the member may be entitled to benefits administered by the Air Force, or exposed to liabilities.

Which situation would require an LOD determination?

When is an LOD Determination is required? The Death of a member, member inability to perform military duties for more than 24hrs, likelihood of a permanent disability, tx of a member of the ARC regardless of the member’s ability to perform military duties, likelihood of an ARC member applying for incapacitation pay.

How do you get a Lod in the army?

What is the process for an LOD? Step 1: The ill or injured Soldier must alert their commander an injury or illness has occurred, the commander should complete blocks 1 thru 5 of DA 2173 and send this document with the Soldier to receive medical treatment; if applicable.

How long does it take to get an Lod?

Well the time to complete the investigation ranges from 5-75 days depending on the situation. See Tables 3-1 and 3-2 of AR 600-8-4 (Line of Duty Policy Procedures and Investigations).

What is the purpose of a line of duty investigation?

Line of duty investigations are conducted to identify the circumstances surrounding the disease, injury, or death of a soldier and to determine whether the soldier was in line of duty or not in line of duty at the time of the disease, injury, or death.

What is the presumptive or default conclusion of a line of duty determination?

What is the presumptive (or default) conclusion of a Line of Duty determination? In the line of duty and not due to the members own misconduct.

How long is an LOD good for?

The referral submitted by the military hospital/clinic is valid for 180 days and DHA-GL is valid for 365 days. If continued care is necessary beyond the initial approval: Within the episode of care (180/365): Your servicing provider can submit a request to HNFS for review.

Is suicide in the line of duty military?

Suicide deaths among active-duty personnel are generally determined to occur “in the line of duty,” though they may be considered “not in the line of duty” if the investigating officer presents evidence of mental soundness on the part of the service member who died.

Which of the following situations would constitute misconduct for a line of duty determination as that term is used in Chapter II of the Jagman?

Which of the following situations would constitute Misconduct for a line of duty determination as that term is used in Chapter II of the JAGMAN? Both: The injury or death was intentionally self-inflicted in order to avoid duty (other than a bona fide suicide attempt).

How do you get Lod?

To show authorization for LOD care, the service member should have in hand, his or her orders or muster sheet, also known as an attendance roster, and a document issued by the unit representative showing the service member can receive care for the injury or illness specific to service.

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