What is a p1362 code?

The Honda Civic code p1362 means the Top Dead Center (TDC) Sensor determines ignition timing at start-up (cranking) and when crank angle is abnormal.

What is a TDC sensor Honda Civic?

The TDC sensor monitors a reference point on the camshaft that indicates where top dead center is on a cylinder, usually cylinder number one. It sends a signal to the engine control module which, in turn, communicates to send a spark to the cylinder at top dead center.

What is a CYP sensor for a Honda?

The Cylinder Position Sensor (CYP) monitors the #1 cylinder’s position. When the ECU receives a signal from the cylinder position sensor, it then uses this to determine the injector firing sequence time.

How do you test a TDC sensor?

Connect your meter leads to the sensor pins. Make sure to keep your meter lead wires away from engine moving parts during this test. Have an assistant crank the engine for a few seconds while you watch the meter’s readout. The sensor should produce a voltage pulsing signal.

What does a CYP sensor do?

What is a CYL sensor?

Cylinder sensors are used for position detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. They are directly mounted onto the cylinder. The ring magnet attached to the piston is sensed through the housing wall of non-magnetisable material (e.g. aluminium, brass or stainless steel).

How can you tell if a crank sensor is bad?

How to Test a Crankshaft Position Sensor Using a Multimeter

  1. Coil 2.
  2. The CKP sensor monitors crankshaft position and engine speed.
  3. You can use a digital multimeter to test the CKP sensor.
  4. If your vehicle uses a distributor, disable the ignition system to crank the engine.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a Honda Civic?

As a rule, the crankshaft sensor is usually near the harmonic balancer at the lower center of the block. On some cars, the crankshaft sensor is positioned at the bottom of the block, and only happens once in a while.