What is a precipice in law?

1 : any of various legal writs commanding a person to do something or to appear and show cause why he or she should not. 2 : a written order requesting a clerk or prothonotary of a court to issue a writ and specifying the contents of the writ.

What does Praecipe to transmit record mean?

The Praecipe to Transmit Record, which requests that the Prothonotary transmit all the divorce paperwork to the court in preparation for the divorce decree. (Philadelphia County has its own form for the praecipe.) The Decree of Divorce, signed by the judge, which ends the marriage.

What do you learn when you major in political science?

A political science major is a social science degree path that requires students to study government in theory and practice. Majors will explore topics related to political theory, international relations, comparative politics and more.

What does disconcerting mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to throw into confusion disconcerting their plans. 2 : to disturb the composure of were disconcerted by his tone of voice. Other Words from disconcert Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about disconcert.

Why do I want to study politics?

A politics degree will teach you tons of transferable skills that’ll make you attractive to all sorts of employers, like assertiveness, public speaking, data analysis, essay writing and research. Politics graduates go on to work in sectors like journalism, finance, business, and even charity. The world is your oyster!

What is a Praecipe to satisfy judgment?

A Praecipe of Satisfy Judgment is a document filed with the Civil Court. Clerk marking the Judgment satisfied; no more monies owed.

Why do you want to major in political science?

As a political science major, you will hone the writing, communications, analytical and computer skills that are critical to a liberal arts education. Majoring in political science can qualify you for many different careers in private for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as public sector organizations.

What is a good sentence for precipice?

Precipice sentence example. A steep precipice forms a natural wall between it and the rest of the island. He thought she’d walk away, but instead, she cautiously lifted the rope, turned further away from the precipice and took baby steps backwards toward him.

How do you fill out a Praecipe?

On the first line print your first, middle, and last names. On the second line write your first, middle, and last names. On the third line enter your street address. On the fourth line enter the city, state, and ZIP code where you live.