What is a Stanley No 5 plane used for?

The Venerable Bench Plane Model The first plane to touch the wood is called the fore or jack plane. It’s typically 12″ to 20″ long, and is used to hog off material. In the Stanley numbering system, this would be the No. 5 (called a jack) and the No.

Which is the best Stanley block plane?

The Stanley 12-139 Bailey No. 60 Block Plane is our pick for the best overall block plane. They cast the block and frog as one, which ensures accuracy and durability.

What is a Stanley No 7 plane used for?

This ‘Stanley Bailey’ No 7 is a 22“ long sole plane primarily used for the truing of longboards prior to joining. This plane is also known as a jointer.

How do you tell what year a Stanley plane is?

If you noted one patent date and no raised ring, your plane is Type 13 and dates between 1925 and 1928. If you noted one patent date and there is a raised ring, your plane is Type 14 and dates between 1929 and 1930. If you noted zero patent dates and there is a raised ring, you have a plane of Type 15 to 20.

What is No 6 plane for?

Sized midway between a Jack and a Jointer, the No. 6 Fore Plane is designed to further true the surface after the Jack has sized it. Its length enables it to skim off high spots as it bridges low spots, delivering a leveled surface ready for the smoothing plane.

What is the best brand of plane?

BEST OVERALL: WoodRiver #4 Bench Plane.

  • BEST EDGE RELIEF PLANER: YOGEON Woodworking Hand Planer, 4″
  • BEST FOR TIGHT SPOTS: Stanley 3-1/2″ Small Trimming Plane.
  • BEST FOR ROUGH LUMBER: Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane.
  • BEST SMOOTHING PLANE: Veritas #4 1/2 Smoothing Plane.
  • What is the best hand plane UK?

    The SW range of Stanleys is a great turnaround as this new range is well finished and well-tuned straight out of the box.

    • Veritas Scrub Planes.
    • Stanley 6 Fore Plane 2.3/8In 1 12 006.
    • Qiangsheng Luban No 91 Shoulder Hand Plane.
    • Veritas Miniature Low Angle Block Plane.
    • Qiangsheng Luban No 112 Scraper Plane.

    How long is a Stanley No 7 plane?

    Length: 560 mm (22in). Cutter width: 60 mm (2.3/8in).

    How long is a Stanley #7 plane?

    Cutter Width: 60mm (2.3/8in). Length: 560mm (22in).

    What is the most valuable Stanley plane?

    1 Bench Plane This slightly rusted No. 1 and original box sold on 4 May 2009 for $2,918. It was the most expensive Stanley Plane sold on eBay in 2009.

    What is the frog on a hand plane?

    The cast metal frog on each model holds the entire cutting iron assembly comprising both cutting and cap irons and also, when fitted, the lateral adjustment lever, the depth adjustment knob and the frog itself, the purpose of which is to adjust the frog back and forth in relation to the fore part of the plane’s sole.

    What are the different types of Stanley planes?

    Here is a list of the types and dates of the Stanley planes: Stanley Type 1 Handplanes: 1867-1869. Stanley Type 2 Handplanes: 1869-1872. Stanley Type 3 Handplanes: 1872-1873. Stanley Type 4 Handplanes: 1874-1884. Stanley Type 5 Handplanes: 1885-1888. Stanley Type 6 Handplanes: 1888-1892. Stanley Type 7 Handplanes: 1893-1899.

    What kind of plane is a Stanley Bailey 45?

    STANLEY 45 PLANE FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Vintage Stanley Bailey No 4 Type 11, Smooth Plane. Low Knob, V Logo, 3 Pat Dates Stanley Bailey No. 4 type 19 (1948-1961) Vintage Smoothing Plane, Super Clean.

    What are the features of a Stanley block plane?

    Features a thumb rest instead of a front knob. No. 9-1/2 – 6 inches long and standard angle, this was Stanley’s most successful block plane. Featuring a hooded lever cap, lateral adjustment lever, iron depth adjustment, and an adjustable throat, this plane set the standard for the industry.

    What are the dimensions of a Stanley 41/2 plane?

    It has Bailey cast on the nose and is 17.25″ inches long and 3.25″ inches wide. Any help in identifying this plane would be much appreciated. I have a Stanley 41/2 plane with a brass frog and iron cap.